Fix Dead Instagram Notifications on Android and iPhone With These 10 Ways

Fix Dead Instagram Notifications on Android and iPhone With These 10 Ways – It cannot be denied, Instagram is the most popular social media. Various features that go beyond just sharing photos make more and more people interested in using this Facebook-made platform.

Various features such as sharing one-minute videos on feeds, Instagram Stories with various interesting features and stickers, IGTV long video features, and shopping features, make Instagram even more attractive to use.

But what happens to Instagram if notifications are missing? Must be really annoying. Imagine opening the program and refreshing it in the notifications tab to see if someone likes the post and sends you a DM.

Unfortunately, this is a common issue on the Instagram platform. Notifications often don't appear without us knowing what triggers them. This is even more uncomfortable if your profession depends on this platform, such as social media officers, influencers, or MSMEs who use IG for product marketing and selling.

So, below are the steps to fix Instagram notifications that disappear for no reason, either on iPhone or Android.

Before going into sharing complicated solutions, restarting the HP is an easy way to restart a system where there may be errors. If after restarting the HP the notification appears, you don't need to do any further repairs, maybe your account is just stuck with a small bug.

  • Logout From Account

Another simple solution is to log out of your Instagram account. To do this, you just need to open it application Your IG, click the three lines on the top right, and select settings on the bottom right. If so, select the Log Out menu at the bottom left.

  • Application Updates

While logging out and back in doesn't solve the notification problem, there seems to be an error in the app installed on your device. The way to fix it is by updating.

To do this, just go to the App Store for iPhone or Play Store for Android, search for the Instagram app, and click the update button. Don't forget to connect to wifi, because the size of the application is quite large.

  • Turn off the 'Do Not Disturb' Menu

All Android and iPhone devices are equipped with Do Not Disturb mode. Often this is the culprit for notifications not arriving, because the purpose of this mode is for the user not to be disturbed by activity entering the device. So, if Do Not Disturb is on, try turning it off first.

On iPhone, this menu is in settings, while on Android, it's in Settings, then goes to Sound.

Apart from Do Not Disturb, the battery saver menu or Low Power mode also does not display notifications. This is because in battery saving mode, apps are set not to refresh in the background. So, notifications don't come in. So if you like using this mode to save battery, you need to turn it off via the Settings menu then Battery on both iPhone and Android.

  • Check Notification Settings in Apps

Instagram provides several notification settings that you can choose according to your preferences. Like you can turn off DM notifications, likes, or comments. Well, if your notifications aren't coming, you need to check this setting.

Here's how:

  1. Click the three-line menu at the top right, then click settings in the lower right corner
  2. Select the Notifications menu
  3. If you are already logged in, find the 'Pause All' menu, and make sure it is off
  4. Then go to all menus, and make sure the notifications you want are on
  • Check the Notification Settings on your cellphone

All cellphones, both iPhone and Android, allow users to turn on or turn off application notifications from the system. So, if the notification still doesn't appear, try checking the notification settings from your cellphone.

Here's how:

iPhone: Go to Settings, then Notifications, then look for the Instagram app. Make sure the 'Allow Notifications' menu is on.
Android: Go to Settings, then select Apps & notifications / Installed apps, then select Instagram. Make sure the 'Show Notifications' menu is on.

  • Turn on Background Refresh (iOS)

On iOS, there is a background refresh menu which if turned on every application will always refresh even if it's not being used. If this menu is turned off, the application may not appear. But indeed, if this menu turns on the battery is more wasteful.

To turn it on, go to the Settings menu, then General, select the Background App Refresh menu, and make sure Instagram's is on.

  • Clear Cache (Android)

One source of problems on Android smartphones often occurs due to too much cache. So simply removing it usually fixes the problem.

Here's how to clear cache on Android:

  1. Go to Settings, then select Apps & notifications / Installed apps
  2. Select Instagram and click Storage
  3. Select Clear cache.
  • Reinstall

If at this point the notification still doesn't appear, maybe you have to reinstall the application. The reason is, at the very beginning when installing the application for the first time, we were asked if we wanted to receive notifications, and maybe we accidentally pressed 'not now'.

The trick is to go to the App Store or Play Store and completely delete Instagram from your device. If so, repeat installing Instagram and make sure when there is a dialog box about notifications, you check it properly and don't press the button that blocks notifications.

  • HP Software Updates

The ultimate way if Instagram notifications still don't appear is to do a software update. This is because your device system is no longer compatible with Instagram, which always updates its application every time.


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