3 Tips on How to Release Songs to Spotify and Other Platforms

3 Tips on How to Release Songs to Spotify and Other Platforms - Some people have the desire to release their songs or albums to music platforms like Spotify.

In short, releasing songs digitally means entrusting them to distributors who have worked closely with Spotify and various other platforms.

We often find original songs or cover songs with different arrangements on these platforms. So, how do you actually issue songs independently? Read the trick below.

The first way is via Netrilis. This website offers a variety of interesting things for you. In simple terms, you can easily submit your song works. Then after waiting for a review by the Netrilis team for a while, you will get a notification when it's released. Just visit the netrilis.com website to start releasing your songs.

Of course, there is a price to be paid to be able to release this song independently. You only need to pay 75 thousand per song.

Netrilis also gives discounts, if you want to release an album. You only need to pay 65 thousand per song for an album with 6 songs. The price you pay is also valid for all time.

Netrilis is based in Yogyakarta and has been active since 2015. It should be noted, Netrilis also only publishes works from Indonesia.

  • CDBaby

Furthermore, almost the same as Netrilis, this distributor is CDBaby. It is among the oldest music distributors, started in 1998 by New York based Derek Sivers. Just like before, CDBaby also distributes your songs to various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and others. You only need to spend around 9 US Dollars per song per year or around 150 thousand annually.

CDBaby offers a variety of interesting features that are worth what you pay for. Just visit cdbaby.com and you can start releasing songs.

  • Tunecore

Tunecore admits that they do not take the slightest commission from monetized songs. Just like the two previous distributors, Tunecore also distributes to various music platforms and of course it can be trusted. Visit tunecore.com to enjoy the features.

With only 9 US dollars, or around 150 thousand, per song per year, you can start enjoying the features offered by Tunecore. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Tunecore claims to distribute to 150 music platforms worldwide.

So, here are three digital music distributors that can be your choice in releasing your original songs. Apart from these three, there are many more out there that offer services to release your work on well-known platforms.

Source : liputan6.com

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