New WhatsApp Features Released - Do you already know that there is a WhatsApp feature that has just been released and you can enjoy it only by updating WhatsApp to the latest version? Here are WA's newest features.

List of Latest WhatsApp Features

Several features are already available in beta testers on the Android and iOS platforms. However, the specifications for when these features will be launched have not been announced, as follows:

List of Latest WhatsApp Features

1. Emoji Reactions

This feature allows users to reply to messages using emoticons. Users just need to press and hold on the message they want to respond to and then drag their finger.

2. Communities

This feature makes it possible to combine various groups under “one canopy”. That is why they are called communities.

Users can get updates distributed throughout the community and simply create smaller discussion groups on topics of conversation. Administrators will have access to many new features, including community message messaging and the ability to choose which group members can join.

3. Admin Delete Other User's Messages

Another feature that will be coming is increasing the admin position in the WhatsApp group. Where they can remove wrong or inappropriate messages from everyone's conversations.

Until recently, only senders were allowed to delete their messages. As a result, this is a new development in the field.

4. Improved File Sharing Capacity

Another area where WhatsApp is developing improvements is file (data) exchange. Currently, files larger than 100 MB cannot be shared using WhatsApp.

This is expected to make it easier for users to collaborate on a project. The platform will allow file transfers up to 2 GB.

5. Voice Call Update

WhatsApp will feature one-tap voice calls for up to 32 people with a new design. For group voice calls, the application window design has been improved.

During a group call, all participants can hear the sound waveforms added by this platform. The shape of the sound wave is comparable to that observed in the sound record.

The design hasn't changed much. However, the page should have a new look as a result of the change.

6. Pause and resume voice message recording

WhatsApp users can now pause and restart voice message recording. Users will be able to see the pause option when they start recording voice messages in hands-free mode.

Until recently, users had to re-record voice messages in the event of an interruption. This feature will also be helpful when recording long voice messages.

7. Resume the Voice Message from the Pause Place

WhatsApp users no longer need to listen to voice messages all at once. They may pause and pick up where they left off while listening to a voicemail.

This feature can be useful for listening to long voice messages. Although a release date has not been set,

8. Playing Voice Messages Outside WhatsApp Chats

Even after leaving a conversation or switching to another app, WhatsApp users can now listen to the voice messages they sent. Since users can listen to voice notes while listening to other conversations, this feature is expected to save them time.

Currently, users must keep talking to hear received voice notes. If it's out, you can't anymore.

9. Wave Design Voicemail

WhatsApp users can now see a visual version of the voicemail sound. WhatsApp has also introduced a similar waveform design for voice calls.

10. Hear Voice Messages Before Sending

The ability to listen to self-recorded voice messages before sending them will be available to WhatsApp users in the near future. Currently users only have the option to record and send voice messages directly without hearing them first.

11. Voice Message Quick Dialer

WhatsApp users will be able to increase the playback speed of voice messages and be heard by 1.5x or 2x. You will now see a new 1x speed button next to the voicemail player.


In the article above, we have discussed 11 of WhatsApp's newest features that we can enjoy, namely the Emoji Reaction feature, Communities, admin delete other users' messages, increased file sharing capacity, and others.

Thus the article about the Newly Released WhatsApp Feature, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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