How to set up the latest IndiHome TV without the hassle – Here is information on how to set Indihome TV, for those of you who don't know how to set it up, please refer to the information in this article.

Televisions have long been a staple of the home entertainment landscape. The TV can be used to view all kinds of shows on various channels. With IndiHome TV, now you can take advantage of various entertainment options. However, you have to know how to set it first.

What are the advantages or benefits of using IndiHome TV? What features are available on IndiHome TV? What is IndiHome TV STB? How to set it up easily?

Answers and full explanations of the questions above can be obtained by reading the article below. Yes, this post will discuss more about IndiHome TV and how to easily set up Indi Home TV, so you can do it yourself at home.

Why You Should Use IndiHome TV?

Many people use IndiHome as their internet service provider. Apart from that, IndiHome also offers interactive cable TV services. Different from conventional cable TV, IndiHome TV offers several advantages.

Advantages of Using IndiHome TV

  1. The image seen on the television has the greatest resolution.
  2. Can access additional channels.
  3. All TV shows are the latest or continuously updated exclusive broadcasts.
  4. Has a wide range of advanced capabilities.
  5. With IndiHome, you can get more benefits from your internet package.
  6. Prices are more affordable.
  7. Quick and simple shaping method

All the benefits provided by IndiHome TV above are reasons why you should use it at home. Yes, because all the advantages of IndiHome TV will bring convenience and comfort to every consumer.

IndiHome TV Offers Various Features

As previously mentioned, IndiHome TV is loaded with many additional functions to make it easier for its subscribers.

What can you expect from IndiHome TV in terms of features? The following is a complete list of features available with IndiHome TV:

Play, Pause and Replay Features

You can re-watch previously aired TV programs up to seven days after they were first aired using this advanced function. You can also use the Pause and Replay functions when m

see program.

Storage TV feature

Apart from playback, stop and rewind, there are also more sophisticated capabilities on IndiHome TV, especially the TV Storage function. This function can be used to store recorded favorite programs or shows. Saveable footage may exceed approx. 240 minutes for HD display quality.

If the event you want to record has SD display quality, you can store it for up to 600 minutes. If it's still not enough, then add more IndiHome storage up to 10 GB. Wow, that's a lot of storage!

TV on Demand feature

TV on Demand is an advanced feature of IndiHome TV. The purpose of this tool is to rebroadcast certain live TV broadcasts or programs. Of course the impressions could only be replicated in the past week. If your busy schedule prevents you from watching live TV, this function will come in handy.

Video on Demand feature

The next advanced feature is video on demand. His job is to control or choose the video program you want to see. Use this option to select your favorite video.

Karaoke Features

Many people will like this function, I'm sure of it. Yes, you and your friends may have a karaoke party at your house using it. Wow, this sport is great for getting rid of the feeling of monotony and fatigue due to routine activities.

You can use the karaoke option to minimize or add more to your own playlist.

UseeTV Go features

UseeTV Go is the latest advanced functionality from IndiHome. This feature is application which can be downloaded on smartphones. This app lets you watch episodes and other premium content.

Yes, you can access the UseeTV Go application anywhere and anytime. Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

What is IndiHome TV STB?

STB stands for Set Top Box. As the top internet service provider, IndiHome also provides STB with the capacity to change TV stations as needed.

In addition, STB IndiHome allows customers to watch local TV and pay TV. Using a special Android TV built into IndiHome STB, you can also make your TV smart. Yes, by using the STB, the TV can be used like an Android phone.

The AppStore UseeTV Store at STB IndiHome is another unique feature. You can get YouTube and other apps from this AppStore.

The installation or installation of the STB and how to install it are usually carried out directly by Telkom officials at the outset. If the STB is not installed, try contacting Telkom directly.

You can install and configure IndiHome STB at home. How to configure the STB will be detailed further in this post.

How to set STB TV IndiHome

IndiHome STB does provide many advantages and functions, especially in accessing the internet quickly. If the STB is set up correctly, you can use all of its features.

There are two ways to configure IndiHome STB, namely by using a LAN connection and without using a LAN cable. To use a LAN connection, how do I connect the IndiHome STB to my network?

  1. First, open a browser using a computer or laptop.
  2. Then go to the URL This URL can be used if you are on a ZTE model. Yes, each modem usually has a different URL.
  3. Login first using an account that has been registered.
  4. Select "Networks".
  5. Click "DHCP Port Service". Activate it by checking the “LAN 4” option.
  6. Then, click "DHCP Mode". Don't forget to select Port "LAN 4" and SHCP Internet Mode.
  7. After that, try activating the modem, STB, and IndiHome TV.
  8. Connect STB WAN port with Modem in LAN port 4.
  9. Then, connect the STB to IndiHome TV using an HDMI cable or RCA cable.
  10. Press the red “Power” button.
  11. Take the IndiHome TV remote and press "Set".
  12. Enter password 6321.
  13. Do connection settings. The first step select DHCP. After that, enter the internet number in the account and password column. If you can't, try contacting the IndiHome Call Center directly. Next, click Ok.
  14. Select "Information System".
  15. Click "Network Information".
  16. Make sure the IP section appears If the code appears, then the setting is successful. However, if IP 192.168.xx appears, it means that the setting failed or was not successful.
  17. In addition, the EPG menu will appear indicating successful Unicast service.

How to set IndiHome TV

At home it can operate well if set up and configured properly. Apart from the telkom officer who can handle the settings, it turns out that you can also make different settings or settings yourself.

Of course, before setting up, you have to get the right information and understand it so you don't get it wrong. So, what are the best practices for setting up IndiHome TV effectively and quickly? To apply this technique, read on!

IndiHome TV Settings for UseeTV and Internet Using STB

  1. Open a browser using a laptop or computer.
  2. After that, enter the URL according to the modem used.
  3. Click “WAN” to change settings.
  4. Select "IP TV".
  5. Enable “Enable WAN” and “Enable VLAN”.
  6. In the binding options section select "LAN 4".
  7. Click "Apply".
  8. Open the "Network Applications" menu.
  9. Select "Yes" in the "Enable IGMP" section.
  10. Select "Snooping" in the "IGMP Mode" section.
  11. Click "Apply".
  12. Connect LAN 4 on the IndiHome STB with another LAN cable.
  13. Then select the “UseeTV” menu.
  14. Click "Settings".
  15. First make sure that the internet is connected to the TV.
  16. After that, the IndiHome STB can be connected to the internet or IndiHome TV.

IndiHome TV Settings Add YouTube Application

IndiHome TV STB, as previously mentioned, has its own AppStore called UseeTV Store for downloading third-party applications. You may get various apps from the AppStore, including YouTube.

How to install YouTube on IndiHome TV? Here's a more complete explanation!

  1. Open "Apps".
  2. Then select "All-Apps".
  3. After that click “UseeTV Store”.
  4. Find and select “YouTube”.
  5. If you have found it, then click "Install".
  6. A few moments later, you can open and watch various videos on YouTube using IndiHome TV.

How to Download the Remote Application for UseeTV IndiHome

IndiHome and UseeTV TV can be set using the remote, but it turns out you can also use the remote app, you know. Yes, this application can be downloaded on a smartphone, therefore TV settings can be done using a smartphone.

How do you set IndiHome TV using a cellphone? The approach is pretty basic, especially by downloading the TV remote app.

Here are some of the stages, namely:

  1. First, make sure the IndiHome STB is connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the smartphone.
  3. Get or download the TV remote app from UseeStore.
  4. Start the application by pressing the appropriate button.
  5. Then, enter the name of the TV.
  6. After that, press "Generate Code".
  7. Enter the 4-digit verification code on the UseeTV remote app.
  8. The application can already be used.

IndiHome TV Settings to Add TV Channels

Customers wishing to add more TV channels in the past should do so by contacting their cable company. The only way to make payments after that is through an ATM or convenience store.

However, adding channels to cable TV is now as easy as going online and following a few simple instructions.

IndiHome cable TV service subscribers can, of course, add additional channels in a very easy way. How to add channels on IndiHome TV?

  1. Open any browser via laptop/computer/smartphone.
  2. Open the IndiHome official website at
  3. Sign in with a registered account.
  4. Open the 'Product' drop-down option.
  5. Click tv
  6. Select 'TV Channel Minipack' from the drop-down menu.
  7. Find the cooling channels in the “Search for Channels” box.
  8. Apart from that, there are also other add-on packages available at varying costs.
  9. The additional cost of this channel is calculated on a monthly basis.
  10. Click the channel or channel bundle you want.
  11. After that, click “Start Subscription.”
  12. Make payment of payment fees using one of the payment options.
  13. After that, you can watch additional new channels at home.
  14. Apart from using the internet, how to add TV channels can also be done easily using an application.

To add channels, use the free downloadable MyIndiHome app. Tokopedia, for example, is another software that can be used to add IndiHome channels. How to?

  1. Open the Tokopedia application and log in using the Tokopedia username and password that you registered.
  2. If you don't have an account yet, please register or register first.
  3. Select “Top-Up & Billing”.
  4. After that select “Upgrade Internet & TV”.
  5. Providers can be found by searching for “IndiHome.”
  6. The customer number to be entered.
  7. After that, there were lots of bundles that combined more channels.
  8. Choose one of the following options.
  9. At the bottom will appear "Total Payment".
  10. Click "Continue" to continue.
  11. You can add discount codes, coupons or vouchers.
  12. Choose the appropriate payment method.
  13. Click "Pay".
  14. Make payments according to the specified method.
  15. A few seconds later a message will appear indicating that the transaction has been completed.
  16. You can watch more channels on IndiHome TV.

How to Subscribe to Additional Hybrid Box & PLC from IndiHome

Additional Hybrid Box (STB) and PLC are new services or products from IndiHome. You can use it to watch several of your favorite programs on TV at the same time.

This service also provides PLC. This gadget can be used to cut down on wires. For a monthly price of IDR 100,000, this service is yours, with no additional fees for installation. This fee does not include 10 percent VAT.

How to Subscribe on MyIndiHome App

  1. Install the MyIndiHome application on your smartphone.
  2. Sign in with a registered account.
  3. Click "Buy" on "Home".
    Select "Add On".
  4. Click on “additional STB” after that.
  5. Enter or select an IndiHome number.
  6. Click “Subscribe” when you are done.
  7. After that, on the Checkout page, you will see your payment details.
  8. Confirm the terms and conditions that apply.
  9. To subscribe, simply click the “Subscribe” button.
  10. The OTP code provided via SMS must be entered here. This code is used for verification.
  11. Now your Additional Hybrid Box is fully operational (STB).
  12. Setting up IndiHome TV can be done easily at home as long as you follow each step correctly.
  13. If the settings don't work, try this technique one more time and don't leave any steps missing or inaccurate.

IndiHome continues to strive to provide the best service for each of its customers. Therefore, if you are still experiencing problems or other problems using this service, try contacting the IndiHome Call Center directly.

How to set Indihome TV set top box

  1. Make sure all cables are connected properly. In a TV connection, you can enter in two ways, namely AV mode and HDMI mode.
  2. If you enter AV mode, use an A/V cable.
  3. But if you enter HDMI mode, please use HDMI cable.
  4. Then press the red power button on the TV remote.
  5. Then the useeTV logo will appear and loading.
  6. Wait until the 100% charging process is complete.
  7. When charging the 100% is complete, press the Set button on the TV remote.
  8. Then the password setting dialog box appears.
  9. Enter password 6321 then click OK. Then the STB configuration window will appear.
  10. If you have arrived at the connection settings menu, make sure you have saved the TV account number and password.
  11. Generally, the TV account is the same as the Speedy ID that you have.
  12. Fill in the fields, then click advanced.
  13. Then click Restart in the dialog that appears after the advanced options open.

The STB will reboot and load. After the upload is complete, the UseeTV menu will appear. So it means the configuration you did was successful.


With IndiHome TV, now you can take advantage of various entertainment options. The image seen on the television has the greatest resolution. The Pause and Rewind features allow re-watching previously aired TV programs up to seven days after they were first aired.

IndiHome Storage allows you to record events up to 600 minutes at a time. UseeTV Go is an application that can be downloaded on smartphones and works with IndiHome TV services.

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