How to Disable Automatic Media Downloads on WhatsApp and Their Benefits

How to Disable Automatic Media Downloads on WhatsApp and Their Benefits – WhatsApp as the most popular messaging program in the world is supported by many features to improve the user experience. Among them is the ability to send media in the form of photos, videos, audio, and files.

For some WhatsApp users, this feature might be very useful, but not sure for others. Can, instead of being useful, this automatic media download feature actually disturbs comfort.

In addition, if the user is a member of several WhatsApp groups that have a very high number of members with very high conversation intensity, one can imagine how many photos and videos were unacknowledged being downloaded.

In this regard, WhatsApp provides a way out to turn off this feature in Settings > Storage and data > Media auto-download.

There are options what WhatsApp needs to do when media is included in the conversation, with the conditions for connecting to a Wi-Fi network, mobile network, and roaming.

Selecting the No media option in these conditions means the user turns off the media download feature automatically.

Well, you need to know that turning off this feature also has the following benefits.

  • Reducing "garbage" in the gallery

For those of you who always organize and tidy up the gallery on your cellphone, photos and videos that are automatically downloaded from WhatsApp groups are "junk".

Therefore, turning off this automatic media download feature means reducing photos and videos that you don't want to store in the gallery and have the potential to "break" your gallery layout.

  • Save storage space

I don't know what users think who easily forward or send large videos to the WhatsApp group.

For those who use smartphones with roomy storage space, maybe that's not a problem.

However, it will be a problem for those who use smartphones with limited storage capacity. If you fall into this category, it's a good idea to turn off the automatic media download feature to save storage space.

  • Reduce data usage

Finally, turning off the automatic media download feature is very useful for those of you who depend on a mobile connection every day.

Imagine, if every day, for example, 3 users from WhatsApp groups send videos of 15MB in size, in a day you can save 45MB and in a month you can save 1350MB which means more than 1GB.

In comparison, 1GB of data is roughly equivalent to an hour's worth of video content consumption on Netflix on SD settings.

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