How to make a nickname for the empty name in Free Fire FF – Here is the information we have made about how to make an empty nickname in the free fire ff game, let's look at the information in the following article.

Currently, FF's empty nicknames are being widely used by Free Fire players for various reasons. It can be said that one of the most eccentric things done by Indonesian FF players.

Actually, giving a blank name on an FF account is an interesting thing and seems different from the others. For that we will review it thoroughly.

Interestingly, from the past until now the game Free Fire is still a hot topic discussed by a number of players.

Because this game made by Garena with the Battle Royale theme is never boring to play. How could it not, that the game reached the highest peak of popularity at the top of the Google Play Store. Isn't that amazing?

Of course, this is a natural thing, considering that Free Fire has a gameplay that is quite interesting and very exciting to play. With its increasing popularity, there are also many players who innovate and make FF nicknames so that they look attractive and cool.

For example, such as a combination of symbols, short names, aesthetics, and much more. For this reason, here we want to provide a guide regarding how to make an empty FF nickname with short and long spaces so that it looks attractive and has a different impression from most other players. Curious right? Please see the next review below.

Review About Nickname Blank Name FF

Now there are lots of old Free Fire players using FF empty nicknames, either with short or long spaces.

Renaming like this is usually done by really old players who are bored and looking for new nuances. The impression it produces looks mysterious and is indeed invisible to other players.

Be aware that being able to change the name of the Free Fire game account is of course not free, unless you still get a nick coupon to change the name. As is well known, each player is only given the opportunity 2 times to be able to change the name of the Free Fire game account.

But if you really want to change it and the coupon is no longer owned, then you can replace it with 360 diamonds. Only then can you change the FF name.

So, for those of you new players who want to change it with an empty FF nickname to make it look cool and attractive, please follow the steps below.

How to Make a Nickname Blank Name FF Short and Long Spaces

How to make a nickname for an empty FF name using an online site

If you pay attention, currently there are many Free Fire players who use FF's nicknames. Not only that, there are also things like umbrella signs, first names, combinations of name symbols, and others. Things like that are of course legitimate as a form of creativity to look for different things to make it look interesting.

So, for those of you who are interested and want to try using an empty FF nickname so that it isn't visible, you can now make one by following the guide that we will share below. While the FF players themselves are of course very easy to imitate, so you don't have to worry about being left behind by the trends of today's FF players.

The trick is to copy the empty FF code name with short and long spaces which the players haven't used at all, as shown below.

Here's How to Make an Empty FF Nickname

  1. If you have successfully copied the empty code name above, then please open the Free Fire game.
  2. Continue by clicking on the Account Profile.
  3. Then click back on the pencil drawing logo.
  4. Paste the code that you copied above.
  5. Next Change Nick by using 360 diamonds.

How easy is it to change it? However, for those of you who are new to the Free Fire game and want to try using an empty FF nickname, please follow the following guide:

Here's How to Make an Empty FF Nickname

Make sure you immediately paste the code above right in the name column when creating a new account.
If the words "Not Available" appear, then please just add a space.

We have explained above regarding how to make the empty name of the Free Fire game for old players through the use of 360 diamonds as well as for new players. Furthermore, if you are interested in making an empty FF space name free of charge, then we recommend listening to the next explanation.

Make a FF Blank Nickname with the Application

For those of you who want to experiment with making FF empty nicknames but don't have enough diamonds, of course you don't need to worry too much. Here we will provide information and how to make it for free without using anything. It's just that to create an empty FF name for free without an application, you must have the "Change Name" item.

So that you can get these items, please take part in the events that are usually held by the Garena regime itself which will give you the item "Change Name". Usually at the event there is a time limit and you are required to collect a number of materials during the match in the FF game.

So, if all the items have been collected in large quantities and complete, then you can exchange them for the "Change Name" item, or change the name for free. But also know that there is an application that you can use to change the FF's empty name, namely the Unicode Pad application.

This application is equipped with an empty space feature that allows you to change the blank FF nickname. Unfortunately, this application already has a code installed, which when opened for the FF profile, the name will disappear automatically. As for the process of creating an empty Free Fire game name with an application like the following:

What is Unicode for Nickname Blank Name FF

  1. The first point, make sure you download the Unicode Pad application.
  2. Install the application until it is successful and completely installed on the device.
  3. Then open the application.
  4. Look for a symbol with a numeric code such as 3138.
  5. Copy the code and paste it in the Edit Name field.
  6. After that, you just click OK.
  7. Only after that you will not see the name of the FF.
  8. Success and good luck.

What is Unicode for Nickname Blank Name FF

Unicode itself is a system on the internet that gives users permission to use symbols that are not commonly used in a system. By using Unicode, you can get a cool name for a game, one of which is like embedding an invisible blank name.

Initially, the site had quite a variety of uses, including adding your own text chat. However, over time, it has been widely used by video game players for the benefit of their character names. This is because many players want to be different from the others.

Use of Unicode Like This

  1. Please visit
  2. Then copy the code of choice you want.
  3. Log in to your respective Free Fire game account.
  4. Open each profile in the FF game.
  5. Then replace Nickname with your own Unicode.
  6. Make sure that you have enough diamonds or have a Rename Card.

How to make a nickname for an empty FF name using an online site

We make sure that making FF nicknames is empty, there are still those who don't know alternative ways, even though you yourself can take advantage of making them through online sites, you know! This means you don't need to use the application to get the empty nickname code which seems complicated and can take up storage space.

Are you curious to know how? Of course it's quite easy and not as complicated as you might think, as long as you follow the guidelines like the following points:

  1. First, please enter the com site.
  2. If you have entered, please scroll to the bottom.
  3. Later you will find the No Printing character menu.
  4. After that, please click Zero Width Space Character.
  5. Then please copy the code.
  6. Continue by logging in to the respective Free Fire game account on the device.
  7. Then click the Edit Name menu.
  8. Paste the code that you copied earlier.
  9. Click Save and automatically your Free Fire Nickname will appear empty when viewed.
  10. To later be able to change the ID name on your Free Fire game account, first make sure you already have a business card, otherwise known as a “Change Name Card”.

Advantages of Making a Nickname Blank Name FF

Advantages of Making a Nickname Blank Name FF

Making FF Nicknames is not purely aimless and meaningless. This means that there are several advantages that you can get if you use an empty name in your Free Fire game account. For its own benefits you will get the following points:

Unique and Impressed Cool

The first impression that you will get when you use an empty FF nickname is that it is unique and looks cool when you see it. Even though it is indeed very strange and mysterious when seen by some players. In fact, embedding an empty name is a form of innovation and creativity that has no limits. The point is, please follow the trend like most of the current FF players.

Account Hard to Report

Furthermore, you will not be able to be reported by anyone, especially when you cheat while playing. For example using a cheat type application, and others. That's why most old FF game players do this for nothing but looking for thrills and pleasure. What's more, when you are ambitious with a number of missions, of course you will take advantage of cheat applications.

That way, even if you are known by other players, it will be quite difficult to be detected due to the use of an empty FF nickname.


Finally, using an empty FF name can make other players unfamiliar. Things like this are very suitable for you to use when using additional applications such as cheats and Mod Apk, which also have many users. You will be very difficult to recognize by other players, so you seem mysterious.

Is Making a Paid FF Blank Name Nickname

Then we also make sure that many players have questions and are still doubtful about using the FF nickname, is there a fee or is it really free? As we mentioned above, to be able to create a blank name in the FF game, you must first have a "Change Name Card". If not, then you can't make it.

Is Making a Paid FF Blank Name Nickname

What's more, to be able to get the "Change Name" item, you are required to collect a sufficient number of materials. That way you can exchange it for items, or you can also make purchases using 390 diamonds at the Garena shop itself.

Is the FF Blank Nickname Safe?

Not a few of the Free Fire game players claim that the use of FF's empty nickname can be sanctioned by the official Garena itself, whether the account is banned permanently, or the account can be deactivated for a while. However, all these accusations are completely untrue.

Note that using the empty FF name doesn't harm the players at all, where does the loss come from? It's different when you use a modified version, such as the FF Mod Apk or the like which really harms many parties, starting from the players and the official parties themselves.

So it can be concluded that the use of empty name nicknames in the Free Fire game is safe, because so far there have been no negative reports or losses that have been obtained by users of these empty names. It's just that the impression is a little strange and mysterious, so it's not visible to the other players.

Overview of the Free Fire Game and FF's Blank Nickname

Who doesn't know the Free Fire game, one of the Battle Royale themed games that is selling well on the market. The game was developed by Garena International 1 with more than 1 M downloads with 104 million reviews and a file capacity of 639 MB on the Google Play Store. You can check it yourself right now if you don't believe it.

Interestingly, this Battle Royal game is able to occupy the highest and highest popularity in the Play Store. Of course, an extraordinary achievement was obtained by the Garena itself. What's more, this one game also offers a variety of interesting things in it, such as items, skins, diamonds, replacement of FF empty nicknames, and others.

So do not be surprised if the number of players is increasing day by day, and it is most loved by children and teenagers. Fire Fire itself is one of the best survival shooter games available on Smartphone devices. The 10-minute game will place players on a remote island and fight against 49 other players. Interesting right?

The goal is none other than to survive from all forms of threats that exist, whether zones, enemies, red zones, and others. Each player is given the freedom to choose a position and use a parachute, and equally for self-defense missions in the zone for as long as possible.

Some Things You Can Do While Playing the Free Fire Game

Every player who has landed on an island using his parachute, can find a vehicle and drive it to explore a fairly large map.

Some Things You Can Do While Playing the Free Fire Game

Not only that, each player must be able to hide in a ditch or become invisible by hiding on his stomach in a meadow. Attack and survival is nothing but the ultimate goal.

How, now you really know about the game Free Fire itself right? Starting from how to make an FF empty nickname, the excitement of the gameplay, the number of downloads, and much more.

The point is, if you like changing the blank name on your FF game account, please follow the steps as we have explained above.

What is the FF Free Fire Redeem Code?

Garena Free Fire or commonly called Free Fire (often abbreviated as FF) is a battle royale game developed by 111 Dots Studio. This game is published by Garena for Android and iOS. The game is also the most downloaded mobile game in the world in 2019.

Due to its popularity, this game was named “Best Popular Voting Game” by Google Play Store in 2019.

In May 2020, Free Fire even set a record because it is used by more than 80 million daily active users around the world. As of November 2019, Free Fire has generated over $ 1 billion worldwide.

Apart from that, to use the various knick-knacks in the game, you must have the FF redeem code so that you can exchange it for various prizes on the official website.

However, what are the explanations, functions, how to get, how to use up to where you can easily get the redeem code to use in the Free Fire game. Here are some reviews about the redeem code

The meaning of the FF Redeem Code

The FF redeem code is a combination of 12 digit numbers and letters that can be exchanged for various prizes on Garena's official website. The page is Click on the page, then enter the FF exchange code that you got in the space provided.

Usually, Garena deliberately creates and distributes redemption codes to spoil players at Free Fire. At the same time, this is also considered by Garena as a sign of appreciation for those of you who remain loyal to the game.

What is the FF Free Fire Redeem Code

However, please note that the FF Free Fire redeem code can only be used once per account. If the prize does not match or is displayed after being exchanged, it means that another player has used the redeem code.

Each exchange code presented by Garena is usually different. In this way, it will be difficult for everyone to get 1 redemption code. Because in this game the redemption code has a level that is almost on par with weapon skins or Legends packs.

Because there are different types of rewards in this redemption code. If you are lucky, for example, you can receive an Elite Pass for free, as well as many attractive prizes that you can receive with the current redemption code.

How Garena Releases Free Fire Redeem Codes

As information for you, Garena will usually release up to 5,000 redeem codes within a day. But keep in mind that this FF redeem code will only be released as many times as mentioned the day before a big event occurs in the Free Fire game.

Of course you shouldn't miss information from Garena, so you can get the Redeem Code. Because later on, Garena will definitely provide a lot of other up-to-date information about the redeem code.

Apart from that, Garena will always provide updates about the FF redeem code so that it can be used in this game. After getting the code, the players can go back to looking for many other ff redeem codes to use so they can get prizes.

Here's How to Get the FF Redeem Code

There are lots of ways for you to get a free FF redeem code without having to pay. Usually, this is obtained by doing many things, such as participating in events from Garena or watching live Free Fire tournaments wherever and whenever. The following is an explanation to tell you how to get the FF redeem code.

Here's How to Get the FF Redeem Code

Following Events From Garena

Usually, Garena often holds various events which are very good and exciting for all those who play Free Fire to participate in. Because, events like this are usually held not only once but many times. Interestingly, this event usually gives prizes in the form of free FF redeem codes.

Because of this, you cannot miss the event that is being held because it could be that at the event, there will be lots of FF redeem codes.

Garena Collaboration Event with Local Products

Because Garena is a fairly large game developer company, you can be sure that the company is collaborating with many other companies or local products. New

Recently, one of Garena's collaborations in distributing FF redeem codes was with the Dua Kelinci product, Sukro.

The Sukro company, which has been working with Garena for a long time, allows us to easily get the Free Fire redeem code. Usually, the code is obtained from the shopping receipt. However, the code could be on the food package.

Watch Streaming YouTubers Play Free Fire

Another way to get a redeem code to use in the Free Fire game is to watch streaming YouTubers gamers playing Free Fire.

Usually, they share several free redeem codes that only a few people can use with attractive prizes.

Apart from getting the code, you will also change your playing style in Free Fire by watching their streams. This is usually done when you are bored playing Free Fire and want to see how other people compete.

Watch the Free Fire Live Tournament

When Garena is holding a Free Fire tournament game, you should watch it as much as possible. Because usually, there will be lots of redeem codes that are distributed free of charge and can be used by more than the total number of players watching the live broadcast.

That way, you and many people outside watching can get a variety of cool prizes through the redeem code.

But keep in mind that the code must be exchanged immediately. If not, other players who watch and get the code will immediately fight over it. The reason is, one code can only be used for one person and only once.

How to Redeem the Free Fire Redeem Code (FF)

If you have all the redeem codes that you got from Garena to use in the Free Fire game, try to change them as soon as possible. Because the exchange codes presented by Garena generally have usage limits and code expiration dates.

How to Redeem the Free Fire Redeem Code (FF)

So you have to do the exchange as soon as possible so that the code doesn't expire. By presenting this redeem code, Garena hopes that players can move fast so they can receive all of these items. Surely you want to know how to redeem it right?

Visit the link for exchanging the Free Fire Redeem Code

If you want to exchange the redeem code that you have, you must first enter the exchange web page. That way, you can carry out the next exchange process. Visit the official site reward ff following.

Login with your Free Fire Account

Before making an exchange, you must enter or log in to the web page using your Free Fire account.

This account can be connected with social media accounts such as Facebook, VK, Google and Huawei. So make sure you use the right social media accounts.

The reason is that when the exchange takes place, later the prizes in the redeem code will immediately enter your account. So, you don't have to wait any longer for the rewards from the redeem code to be used.

Got the Code

When you want to exchange the code, make sure you have the code first. This is the most important condition so that you can make an exchange. If you don't have it, you automatically can't get the prize.

Enter Redeem Code

When you already have the code, just enter the code into the blank column provided. Later, after being entered, there will be attractive prizes in the redeem code.

Usually, the Free Fire redeem code consists of 12 cards with a mixture of unique numbers and capital letters. This code must also be obtained from Garena and not a fake code.

Receive Gift

When you have exchanged the redeem code, all you have to do is receive the prize in the game. Since you've logged in using your Free Fire account, you don't need to bother looking for it again.

The advantages and disadvantages of Free Fire Redeem Codes

There are many free Free Fire redeem codes distributed by Garena for Free Fire players, of course not all of them can be used. Therefore, there are also many advantages and disadvantages that will be obtained from this free Free Fire redeem code.

The advantages and disadvantages of Free Fire Redeem Codes

But it's undeniable, this redeem code also provides many advantages for Free Fire players and makes it easier for them to get new prizes without having to pay. What are the advantages and disadvantages of that?


Get a unique gift with one code
One code covers many knick knacks
Codes are easy to get for free
Easy to exchange code
Not for sale


Error code often
Many players are deceived by the code that is distributed
Lots of fake redeem codes
There have been many redeem code scams

Free Fire Game Flow

To play Free Fire itself, there is a flow that you need to know and understand. This will allow you to survive as the best player until the game ends.

This Free Fire game is almost similar to Pubg, so you don't need to be confused because the user interface is quite easy to use and familiar. Here is the flow of playing Free Fire.

Free Fire Game Flow

Free Fall from the Plane

Similar to the PUBG game, this free fire game also requires you to free fall with a parachute for the first time. You also need to find your own weapons and also some medical equipment that you will need in battle and survival.

Looking for Airdrops

In the middle of the game, the airplane will pass by the players and launch an airdrop in the form of a large box containing bulletproof vests, helmets, special weapons such as AWM, Groza, M79 and M249 or machine guns.

Players are given the convenience of finding airdrops. This box will later emit a vertical or straight line from the sky with a yellow light.

To spoil players even more, Free Fire provides indicators for items in the airdrop. When all are taken, the light will turn off. Conversely, the light stays on if there are items that have not been picked up.

Finding the Danger Zone

At certain times in the game, Danger Zones will appear. If a red circle appears on the map, that's a sign that the area is a Danger Zone. Later In some areas of the danger zone, an explosion will occur.

In team mode, someone who gets hit by the explosion will be in the hit state. However if this happens in single player mode, the player will die instantly. The game will not end quickly if you are not in the danger zone.

The reason is, when you are in the danger zone, your player's health will continue to decrease because attacks will continue to occur in that zone.

Analyzing Opponent's Playing Ability

If a player is in a safe area that is too small, the adrenaline will continue to increase because the danger zone will also expand and the player will have to immigrate to another hideout.

This is the time for you to analyze and see the quality of other players. The reason is that besides the needs and skills of war and the ability to survive, this game will also depend on calm in playing so that you can be lucky until the end.

Analyzing Opponent's Playing Ability

Those are some explanations about the meaning, function, how to get, how to use it to where you can easily get the redeem code to use in the Free Fire game.

It must also be understood that the redeem code for this game is not for sale. Therefore, if you encounter this, avoid it and get codes from official places that have worked with Garena Free Fire.


You also need to know that Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile battle games after PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Battle Royale, and many more.

In addition, Free Fire became the fourth most downloaded game by users on the Google Play Store at the end of 2018. This game has also managed to gain success in becoming the most downloaded game on iOS and the Google Play Store simultaneously.

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