Download TikTok Videos on SSSTikTok Without Watermark – If you are still confused about how to download TikTok videos without a watermark, you can download videos on SSSTikTok which can make it easier for you to download.

In fact, the Tiktok application is one of the most used on social media. This short video sharing application is not only famous in Indonesia but also around the world.

Yep, Tiktok is very addicting. You can find lots of interesting content as well application which is easy to use.

Tiktok is also known to provide users with more attractive features such as tiktok coins, fyp, which is no doubt a lot of tiktok filters.

Many of the latest social media fads probably come from Tiktok. Even TikTok content can also reach other social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

What is SST TikTok

Of course, Tiktok videos can be saved and saved immediately from the app, as is logical.

But the negative is that the content will display a TikTok watermark and the uploader's account name.

So, this watermark will obviously annoy reuploaders, right? It's quite rare for you to find that not only the tiktok content you're trying to download has the same account name as the reuploader, but it's also not the original owner.

Is it possible to download the watermark of a tiktok video before downloading it? Maybe you can try to take advantage of this feature from SSSTiktok.

What is SST TikTok

Currently, there are many users who ask how to save a TikTok video without a watermark. So, here's one way you can do it to easily download TikTok videos.

In addition, the method that will be presented this time also does not require additional applications., also known as SSSTiktok, Sss Tiktok, or triple-S Tiktok, is the only feature you will use.

Maybe you've actually heard of this name. But for those who don't know SSSTiktok, this is a site where TikTok users can download videos without a watermark.

With the features available on this site. You can easily get video content from Tiktok, without any watermark without using any additional software.

So for those who often have trouble with this watermark, you can actually check the SSSTiktok feature. To take advantage of it, visit, the official site.

How to use SSSTiktok

How to take advantage of this feature itself is quite easy. Because this feature can be accessed online, of course, make sure you have an adequate internet package. Just follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Use your mobile Tiktok application to open the video
  2. Then find the video content to download
  3. If you have found it, immediately click the share button on the video
  4. Several video sharing options will appear. But here you can choose to copy the url
  5. After that, open the browser program and navigate to the website mentioned above as an alternative maybe
  6. You can paste the copied url or link into the field provided on the home page of the site.
  7. The video will start downloading as soon as you click download
  8. Wait a few seconds; the download will most likely start immediately and save to your phone gallery instantly

How to download TikTok videos without the SSSTiktok watermark via iPhone:

  1. Make sure you download an application called “Documents by Readdle” from the App Store first
  2. After that, open the TikTok app, select the video you want to download, then copy the link
  3. Open Documents by Readdle, in the lower right corner find the web browser symbol and open it
  4. Once open, open the SSSTiktok link with the link or URL:
  5. Copy the TikTok video link and paste it into the Download or Download box
  6. Finally, press No watermark to download TikTok videos without watermark
  7. Through SSSTiktok, now you can download MP3 files of your favorite TikTok music and videos

How to download TikTok videos without a watermark on SSSTiktok via a laptop or PC:

  1. To download a video from the TikTok website, select the video and then copy the link that appears when you click on the share button
  2. Open the SSSTiktok website or web with the link or URL: via your favorite browser, you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or another
  3. Paste or paste the link of the TikTok video that you copied earlier and press Download
  4. Finally, press No watermark to download TikTok videos without watermark
  5. Through SSSTiktok, now you can download MP3 files of your favorite TikTok music and videos

How easy isn't it? By following the procedure above, now you can download tiktok videos without watermark. As a result of using the features of the site and without the need for additional programs, this approach is very simple.

After the video has been downloaded, you can now share the video on other social media platforms. We ourselves also often do it to share on Instagram stories or personal WhatsApp stories.

Actually, there are many ways to download Tiktok videos without the watermark itself. But the simplest and most practical one is using Good luck!


SSSTikTok is a site that you can use to download videos from TikTok which you can use so that the video you want to download doesn't have a watermark, besides that you can also download MP3 files from TikTok videos using this site.

In the article above we have discussed how to use SSSTikTok, via a computer or PC and also iOS easily and quickly.

Thus the article about Downloading TikTok Videos Without Watermark using SSSTikTok, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you, good luck.

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