Check Shopee Cross Border Receipts – Many netizens are looking for ways to check Cross Border Shopee receipts, here we will discuss what you need to know in detail.

Shopee is one of the most popular online shopping programs in Indonesia. As is known, Shopee itself as a marketplace application offers various interesting events and promotions to its consumers.

Call it fake sales promotions, monthly shopee promos, discount and cashback promos and many more. At shopee, you will also find coupons and shopee coins that can be used as discounts.

In addition, as one of the most popular programs, shopee developers also don't stop improving and extending its features. Previously, Shopee had developed a digital wallet and credit option called Shopee pay later.

What is Cross Border Shopee

The latest one recently launched Shopee's express function. Compared to other expeditions, this is the official shipping method that Shopee prefers because of its lower costs.

However, today's consumer wants to know what the term “cross border shoppee” really means. Instead of being curious, consider the following explanation.

What is Cross Border Shopee

You may have heard the term cross-border among shopee users. So what does this term actually mean?

If we look at the cross border itself, it is a word from the English language which, when interpreted, means crossing the border. So what border is meant by this Shopee cross border?

You also need to know that in the Shopee program, lots of online merchants have opened booths from various places. Even some of them are not in Indonesia, but in other places.

Shopee itself is an application originating from Singapore. Until now, Shopee has also been operating in many countries in Southeast Asia and America. Everything can be present at shopee with the convenience of the internet platform itself which has a worldwide reach.

Even though the Shopee app flows are managed by servers located around the world, you can still shop at stores thousands of miles away. This also applies to pelapak who can also set up outlets overseas to gain a market in Indonesia.

Cross Border Shopee Is

After we know that the scope of Shopee is very large which allows sellers or customers to buy goods from abroad, maybe now we have started to understand.

Returning to the previous debate whether the definition of cross-border itself is cross-border. Now the border that is alluded to at Shopee here is the country border or location between the seller and the customer.

Maybe you also often find retailers who send packages from abroad. Usually the location status is stated explicitly in the store description area when you view the item to buy.

Yep, they can make locations overseas because the seller has an overseas Shopee account. A cross-border transaction is one in which the buyer and seller are on opposite sides of a world border.

So basically, cross-border is a term used to represent transactions that occur across regional boundaries or from separate countries. For shops that cross the border itself is outside and then the package will be sent but with a higher postage.

The Indonesian server is now home to a large number of cross-border accounts. Most of them are based in China and provide goods that are definitely different from the usual ones.

Cross-border shipping has a number of advantages. If this shipping option originates from overseas and uses regular Shopee, additional fees may be incurred.

In addition, usually after entering the territory of Indonesia, the package will still be sent to you via another expedition as a third party, such as jnt, jne, sicepat and others.

Cross Border Shopee Advantages

the advantage of Cross Border itself lies in its delivery. If the shipping option uses Shopee Standard, of course the costs will be more expensive, because after the package enters Indonesian territory, your package will be sent using a third party using domestic shipping services such as JNE shipping services, JNT shipping services, fast shipping services, or other shipping services.

Again Cross Border has the advantage in terms of delivery. So, Bella's suggestion, as long as the products are still in the country, you don't need to spend on foreign accounts, just buy what's domestic. Love the product itself.

How to Check Shopee Cross Border Receipts

Shopee Cross Border delivery will use Shopee Standard Express. The express courier service offered by online retailer Shopee, which has locations all over the world, is called Shopee Standard Express (SSE).

After you make a payment, you will get a receipt number. However, before arriving in Indonesia, a package cannot be inspected for cross-border acceptance. The only option to verify Shopee cross-border receipts that are still accessible overseas, you can use the customs portal. The Customs website can be visited via the URL


Cross border itself is a word from the English language which if interpreted means crossing the border, this Cross Border itself also has an advantage in shipping.

In the article above, we don't only provide a way to check Cross Border Shopee receipts, but we also provide Cross Border Shopee benefits that you need to know about.

Thus the article about Checking Shopee Cross Border Receipts, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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