Causes of Shopee Borrow Not Appearing – As we know, lots of shopee users borrow from shopee loans. What causes the loan shop to not appear? Because some shoppe users can't use it.

Shopee is an e-commerce application that is currently popular. Its popularity is none other than because application this provides quite tempting incentives in its application.

Users of this application can take advantage of various discounts, cashback, free Shopee Pay, and other contests with attractive prizes.

What is Shopee Loans?

In addition to the attractive offers that are already available. Shopee also has a number of unique features, such as Shopee Food, Shopee PayLater and Shopee Borrow, all of which are available on the website.

What is Shopee Loans?

Borrow or Borrow Shopee is one of the functions of the Shopee application. Shopee PayLater's new feature differs significantly from the old one.

If Shopee PayLater is a feature that makes it easier for application users to pay for groceries later, then this Shopee Borrow or Borrow feature is a loan feature from Shopee.

Shopee Spinjam is a feature that allows users to borrow money from the Shopee application and repay it over time in small installments at a low interest rate.

This particular feature is not accessible to certain users. Anyone who has requested a loan and been approved will be able to get funds directly into their bank account.

Lost and Unappeared Loans

But recently, a number of users who are accustomed to using the Loan feature have questioned why this Shopee Loan or Borrow has disappeared and doesn't exist.

Many people who regularly use this app are confused as to why this feature is missing from their account and how to fix it.

Actually, usually users can find this feature in their Shopee account profile. However, more and more users are disappointed because they can no longer provide loans because of this feature.

When Shopee Loans or Loans don't disappear or disappear in this Shopee application, what happens to them? You can read all of them here if you're interested.

Why does Shopee Borrow Not Appear

Most likely the reason why Shopee Pinjam or Borrowing doesn't appear or disappear is because you are not the user selected to be able to enjoy or take advantage of this feature.

According to Shopee itself, this feature can only be used by selected users. However, for those of you who have been picked, you also have the opportunity to lose this one feature.

To maintain this Loans and Loans or Shopee feature so that it doesn't disappear, make sure you always pay your Shopee PayLater or Loans bills on time or not due.

As a result, paying your Shopee invoice on time and not past due increases your chances of activating the Borrow feature.

Causes of Shopee Borrow Not Appearing

It would be helpful if you know the reason why Shopee Loans isn't showing up before learning how to fix the problem. In general, Shopee Pinjam is not displayed because the user does not choose to activate the service. Also, even if users are selected, they often don't activate the service right away and so can't use it. So apart from these factors, there are often many other causes which of course you can see in more detail below.

Shopee users have not met the criteria in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions, therefore Shopee has not made this one offer.

The user account has not been confirmed, both personal data and telephone number, even though the Shopee account is old.

The user has a negative credit history so Shopee does not provide SPinjam offers.

Users still cannot use this service due to outdated applications.

How to Overcome Shopee Borrow Does Not Appear

After knowing some of the causes of Shopee Loans not appearing above, then you can then see how to overcome them so that Shopee Loans can appear and can be utilized. For more details, just look at some of the techniques that can be used to bring up the Shopee Loan service below.

1. Make Intense Transactions on the Shopee Application

Shopee will only provide this service to selected users. The selected user must have an excellent track record, such as making frequent purchases on the Shopee app. If you don't usually buy at Shopee, then Shopee will not provide this Shopee Loan service. As a result, don't worry if SPinjam fails to materialize.

2. Complete Shopee Account Data

Apart from the procedure above, you can try to complete your account data in the Shopee application. Account data contains identity, active telephone number and active email address. By completing this, you will be trusted that the account is actually an active user account. If the previous approach and this method are followed, it is very likely that Shopee will provide this SPinjam service.

3. Do not have other loans

Next, check to see if you have any additional debt or current arrears. Because this will definitely be known by Shopee. The provision of SPinjam services is only provided to those who meet the terms and conditions of Shopee, one of the terms and conditions is that users do not have other loans.

4. Good Credit History

If you have another loan and you have been billed or have been in arrears for months, it will be more difficult for you to receive this Shopee Loan. Therefore Shopee Loans are not displayed on the menu feature in your account.

5. Update the Latest Version of the Shopee Application

The last option is to make sure you have the latest version of the Shopee app. Every time the app is updated, new features and services are added. If SPinjam doesn't appear, chances are your application is still an old version, even though you have been selected to get the SPinjam service. Therefore, you should immediately upgrade SPinjam to take advantage of Shopee's latest features.


As we know, Spinjam or Borrow Shopee is one of the functions of the Shopee application. Shopee PayLater's new feature differs significantly from the old one.

In the article above, we have provided reasons for borrowed shops not appearing, causes for borrowed shops not to appear, and how to deal with borrowed shops that don't appear.

Thus the article about the Causes of Shopee Borrowing Not Appearing, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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