What Does CO Mean in the Shopee App

Rancakmedia.com – Lots of shopee users don't understand what CO means, in this article we will provide an explanation of what CO means in the Shopee application.

Shopping at Shopee is truly an activity that many people are starting to enjoy, because in an age where technology is getting faster, people prefer instant ways.

No need to visit malls, indomart, alfamart, or other physical goods anymore because you can get whatever you want from shopee and have it delivered straight to your house.

Especially in the midst of a pandemic like this, when we have to stay at home to protect our health and the health of others.

Shopee is one of the most popular online shopping programs in Indonesia. You must have seen promo ads from Shopee in various places, such as in applications, YouTube or TV.

What does CO mean in Shopee

Not infrequently, Shopee partners with world-renowned celebrities, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Jackie Chen, Black Pink, and others.

Apart from that, this marketplace program from Singapore is also known to routinely provide various promo events for its users such as monthly flash sale promotions, free shipping, discounts and many more.

Apart from the Shopeepay digital wallet and credit with Shopee pay later functionality, other services such as these are provided by Shopee to facilitate purchases.

There are lots of terms in shopee that make us confused, especially if the word is reduced and makes us even more confused.

Therefore, on this occasion the Sanepo team will provide evaluation and information regarding what is meant by co in shopee and various additional explanations.

What does CO mean in Shopee

As the most popular shopping application, Shopee has also introduced a number of new terms.

For example the terms COD, Pre Order, and many more. One of the most frequently asked questions by users is the meaning of the term CO in shopee.

So the term Co itself is actually an abbreviation of Checkout. For those who often shop at Shopee, they must have come across the word Checkout.

Checkout means "checking out" in Indonesian. In this case, you check the items in your shopping cart before buying them.

In essence, this PPK places items into the shopping basket to make payments.

So, now do you understand what "co" means in the context of Shopee? You won't be confused with the word co in this shopee because the word co is actually an abbreviation.

How to Checkout at Shopee

So now you know the meaning of the term CO. Surely you also know how to checkout at Shopee.

If you are still confused about how to checkout at Shopee, you can follow the following guide:

  1. Start by searching for the item you want to buy at Shopee
  2. By clicking the Buy Now button, you can add items to your shopping cart
  3. The item will then be added to your shopping cart
  4. Before checkout, you can use the coupon first by pressing the voucher button
  5. To complete your purchase, simply review the contents of your shopping cart and click the Checkout button at the bottom right corner of the page
  6. After checkout, you will be taken to the payment page
  7. After that, you can select the desired payment option and proceed to the payment page by clicking the Pay Now button
  8. Purchase of goods will begin as soon as you pay the fee

That's the Shopee checkout process, which you can use to track your purchases. The Shopee checkout process is completely safe if you follow the steps outlined above.

Several other terms at Shopee besides CO

So before you know the term CO in Shopee. There are several other terms that you need to understand too. The most commonly used Shopee terms are included in this list. Such as COD, Pre Order and CO, as follows:

  1. Pre Order (PO), is the act of ordering goods or products because the product is not available or ready. It could be that because the goods or products have not been published, we PO them to ensure that they don't run out of goods
  2. Cash On Delivery (COD) is a payment mechanism or transaction that is made when the goods arrive in your hands
  3. Ready Stock, is a term used to indicate that the goods or products provided by the seller are ready for sale so that buyers can immediately buy the product without having to wait
  4. Direct Message (DM), is a term used to refer to a private dialogue between sellers and buyers, or commonly known as Inbox
  5. Down Payment (DP), is a term used to indicate the down payment price that must be paid for certain products.
  6. Invoicer, is a bill prepared by the seller or seller to you as a buyer that provides information about the amount you have to pay
  7. Sold Out, is a term used to convey that the goods or products being sold have been sold out and cannot be accessed again


So the term Co itself is actually an abbreviation of Checkout. For those who often shop at Shopee, they must have come across the word Checkout.

In the article above, we don't only give the meaning of CO, but we also provide CO methods in the Shopee application, and don't forget that we also provide other terms that are often used in Shopee.

Thus the article about What CO Means in the Shopee Application, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you, happy shopping.

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