IG Filter Names for KTP Photos, How to Edit KTP Photos via Instagram

Rancakmedia.com – What is the name of the IG filter for KTP photos? As we know, the development of technology makes it easier for netizens, one of which is by knowing the name of the filter on Instagram used to edit KTP photos.

Photo of your driver's license To make official photos, such as passport photos, IG filter effects are often used in post-filters. Whether it's a photo with a red background or a blue background.

By utilizing this IG filter you can easily take photos with backgrounds such as formal photos or passport photos.

But before you try a filter to make a KTP photo, you must first know what the name of the filter will be used. Watch to the end.

What is KTP Photo IG Filter

The Instagram filter for KTP photos is a filter effect that has a plain red or blue background that is often used.

What is KTP Photo IG Filter

Earlier to produce passport photos most of the individuals modified the photos and adjusted the background color using photo editing software.

But along with the development of technical characteristics, now you can actually produce your own photos with the smartphone's front camera and filter effects on it Instagram.

The filter effect function alone can add effects to the resulting photo. Whether it's in terms of appearance, modifying the color tone to changing the results of the photo itself.

When applied to an image in the Instagram app, the ID photo filter changes the background color to make the image appear red or blue, depending on the user's settings.

The resulting photos have a smooth appearance and can be used as photo passes, so they are easy to use properly.

IG Filter Name KTP Photo

To try using this filter effect, you first need to know the name of the filter in question.

'Red Back Ground' is the IG filter effect moniker for photos with red backgrounds. As for the IG filter effect with a blue background effect called 'Blue Background.'

In Instagram insta stories, you can simply use the search effect function to search for someone by their first or last name.

However, it seems that some people don't see this red and blue background in search results. Therefore, you can actually look for IG filters directly from IG filter effect makers.

The Instagram filter effect called “Red Background” is used by the @yogastamas account to give it a red color. As for the Blue Background, you can visit the @cheedogez account.

The two filter effects above are filters with a fairly smooth presentation of the effect so that it is the same as photo editing. You can go directly to the filter manufacturer's profile as an alternative and easier to find.

How to Get an IG Photo KTP Filter

To find IG filters, the effects of your own photo are very easy. You can immediately use the search for effects feature on IG. If you are still confused, you can use the method below:

  1. Open and start the Instagram program on your phone
  2. Tap on insta story or you can swipe screen from left to right
  3. In the filter effect option, you can swipe to the far right and you can see the tracing effect
  4. Click then type the term Red Background or Blue Background and search for it
  5. Many filter effect options will appear and you can simply choose the red background from @yogasitamas or the blue background from @cheedogez
  6. Or as an alternative, you can search for filter-making accounts via the explore menu and type @yogasitamas or @cheedogez in the account search
  7. After that open the user profile and proceed to the filter effect selection
  8. Find the red or blue background filter effect and click it
  9. To test the filter immediately, click the try button
  10. Meanwhile, to save the filter effect, click the download icon at the bottom

Isn't that very simple? In other words, you now know what the name of your IG photo filter effect is. Then just take the photo you like. To make sure that you don't lose your work, click the save option at the top of the screen to save your photo.


Instagram filters for KTP photos is a filter effect that has a plain red or blue background that is often used.

In the article above, we have provided the name of the KTP photo filter, and how to get an Instagram KTP photo filter that you can try easily and practically.

Thus the article about the name of the IG filter used to edit KTP photos, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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