Why My Store Doesn't Appear in Shopee Search

Rancakmedia.com – Many shopee shop users are worried why my shop doesn't appear in shopee search, here we will discuss it in the article below.

Shopee is a much loved e-commerce app today. Its popularity is none other than because this application provides incentives that are quite tempting in its application.

In this application, users can get various discounts, cashback, free Shopee Pay, and several other events that offer attractive prizes.

Why doesn't my shop at Shopee appear or disappear?

In addition to the attractive offers that are already available. Shopee also provides a variety of unique services such as Shopee Food, Shopee PayLater, Shopee Borrow, or build your own shop.

Why doesn't my shop at Shopee appear or disappear?

A number of e-commerce companies such as Shopee set very strict restrictions so that the products offered on the Shopee platform are in accordance with policies and do not violate laws and regulations.

Therefore, Shopee has implemented a Quality Control system to ensure that the products offered at Shopee are free from violations. This Quality Control procedure reaches 2×24 hours.

In other words, if My Shop on Shopee doesn't appear or disappears after downloading or upgrading a product, that product is now undergoing Quality Control testing.

As a result, you may have to wait no more than 224 hours for your product to appear on the Shopee page again. You will be notified if the product does not comply with the guidelines.

How to Overcome My Store Does Not Appear on Shopee

To ensure that your product is registered on the Shopee website. Make sure you have activated the delivery service on the products sold, validated your mobile number, and authenticated your identification.

Quality Control procedures usually take a maximum of 2×24 hours. However, if you still can't find the product after the time has passed, you can contact Shopee cs.

You can submit some data in the following formats when reporting:

  1. usernames:
  2. Product ID Number:
  3. Product name:
  4. Search terms used:

How to View My Store on Shopee

So how can Shopee users find my shop? The approach is very simple. You only need to write down the name or keywords of the product that you have sent to Shopee.

To make it easier to find in Shopee search, make sure you provide a title that is very complete, long and easy to find. Say more than a few words.

If you sell headscarves, don't call them “veils” or “cheap hijabs” as this will put you in direct competition with other retailers selling the same product.

Don't be afraid to use an appropriate title like “Fabric: Polycotton, Bell Shape, Square Hijab with Long Sleeves It's messy here” Your products and shops will be easy to find when you do a search.


In the article above, we discussed why the Shopee shop disappeared or didn't appear, and how to view my shop on Shopee.

The solution if your shop doesn't appear, you can submit username data, product ID numbers, product names, and search terms used and report them to shopee cs.

Thus the article about Why My Store Doesn't Appear in Shopee Search, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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