How to Use Anonymous Chat Telegram - Many don't know how to use anonymous chat Telegram, here we provide a discussion on how to use anonymous chat telegram.

Telegram is a popular and frequently used instant messaging app for Android and iOS. This program is similar to WhatsApp in that it allows users to send and receive messages.

As a communication support application, Telegram itself is loaded with several capabilities such as chat, audio calls, video calls and many other features.

Apart from that, Telegram also includes some unique additional capabilities not available in most chat software, such as Telegram bots and very large file sharing tools.

Why can't Anonymous Chat Telegram be used

One of the most popular bots on the Telegram app is the Anonymous Chat bot. These bots allow users to engage with other random people anonymously.

Well, it is claimed that now the Anonymous Chat Telegram bot cannot be used. So why is the Anonymous Chat Telegram bot unusable? Listen to the end.

Why can't Anonymous Chat Telegram be used

A bot called Anonymous Chat Telegram can help you find new Telegram chat friends anonymously. Users can communicate with other bot users randomly.

Then, the bot will randomly pair individuals, so no two people communicating with each other will know each other's identity because they are anonymous.

Anonymous Chat Bots are a popular method for existing Telegram users to meet new people on Telegram without revealing their identity.

However, a growing number of Telegram users are expressing frustration with the lack of response from bots; one of those bots, Anonymous Chat, also failed to react. So what happened?

Why Telegram Bot Not Responding

As said before, Anonymous Chat bots are very popular and have been appreciated by many Telegram users recently for finding new acquaintances.

Therefore, when the Anonymous Chat bot encountered a problem and could not be used recently, it might make some people quite worried and wonder what caused it.

So, if you look at the root of the problem, there are two possible explanations for why Anonymous Chats isn't working properly. First, maybe the bot has a problem.

The artificial intelligence of these bots can be compromised due to continuous updates to the Telegram software which can create disruptions to the Telegram system.

How to Overcome Anonymous Chat Telegram Cannot Be Used

How can we fix this Anonymous Chat bot so that it can be used again after we have shown why it is not working and therefore cannot be used?

1. Clear App Cache

The technique that can be done is to delete the cache files in the application so that it will make the application run lighter to use.

2. Logout Telegram

Apart from that, you can also try logging out or exiting the Telegram application first and then logging back into your account so that the usage history can be repeated.

3. Waiting for Repair

Most likely, this problem might also be caused by a system failure from Telegram or the bot provider. Therefore, you only need to wait for the patch from the system or bot supplier.

4. Using Alternative Bots

But the most successful technique is to test various anonymous bot options accessible in Telegram. The self-access Anonymous Chat Telegram Bot isn't the only one.

There are several alternatives that you can try, for example, bots that are similar to Anonymous Chat that you can try to use as alternatives are @anoxbot, @chatbot and @ramdomchatssbot.

These three are bots that are comparable to Anonymous Chat Telegram, so if one of them crashes, maybe you can try another option.

How to Use Anonymous Telegram Bots

To test Anonymous Telegram yourself is very easy, you just have to access it in the Telegram application and search for this bot in the accessible search menu.

As shown above, the Anonymous Chat bot will match you with other users without knowing their identities. Here's how to take advantage of it.

  1. Open Telegram and log in using your Telegram account
  2. After arriving at the site, click on the search icon in the upper right corner
  3. Then search by typing anonymous chat or you can directly name it @chatboy, @anoxbot, @radomchatssbot
  4. Several bots will appear that you can use, just click to enter
  5. Then click Start to start and the bot will find a new partner for you

How very simple is not it? After meeting other people, you can continue the conversation or get acquainted on other social platforms as usual.

Between users in this Anonymous Chat will not recognize and cannot see each other's identities. If you really want to know who he is, you can ask him in the chat and personally invite the account.


One of the most popular bots on the Telegram app is the Anonymous Chat bot. These bots allow users to engage with other random people anonymously.

In the article above we have discussed why telegram bots cannot be used, how to deal with anonymous chat telegrams, and how to use anonymous telegram bots.

Thus the article about How to Use Anonymous Chat Telegram, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you, good luck.

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