How to Know Telegram Channel Admin - Many netizens are curious about how to find out the Telegram channel admin, you can see this article until it's finished to find out.

The Telegram chat service is currently popular among netizens. That's because it turns out that this program has a lot of cool functions.

As a messaging program, Telegram is really quite comprehensive. There are chat tools, phone calls to video calls. There is also a group feature that allows you to form fan talk groups.

Channels on Telegram are comparable to Facebook pages in features. Channels can be used as a location to exchange material such as pictures or movies or other interests.

However, it turns out that the presence of this channel has made some people curious about how to find out the Telegram channel admin. Here's how to avoid getting interested.

Know Telegram Channel Admins

To check the channel admin, the method is quite easy. Previously, of course, you had to become a member of the channel first. After that, you can try the options we mentioned below:

  1. The first option is to search directly for member talk in the channel. For regular members, the status display will be blue on the name and username. Whereas the admin will have a gray signal so it's easy to tell the difference
  2. The second approach is to view admin information directly in the members list. If one of them is an admin, admin information will appear in blue next to the name and phone number

Those are some ways that you can try to check on the Telegram channel admin. You can try this method to answer your question.

Anonymous Channel Admins

As explained above, this is a way to check the Telegram channel admin. You can just try it.

But now Telegram also turns out to be providing new features and policies, where admins can activate anonymous features.

This anonymous feature makes the admin when chatting or sending messages, it will be on behalf of the group. For example, a group called banayufa, then the chat from the admin will have an account description in the name of banayufa.

If you are an admin, here's how to activate the feature, as follows:

  1. Make sure you are in the admin of the group or channel on Telegram
  2. Then open a group on Telegram and you can tap on the group nickname to enter the profile
  3. Then click the pencil icon on the top right and select the administrator menu
  4. Then a list of admins in the group will appear, all you have to do is choose which admin to make anonymous by clicking on their name
  5. Activate the send anonymously feature until the bar shifts blue
  6. Admins can also use a custom nickname by clicking on the custom title menu

It's finished, that's the way you can try to activate anonymous mode or you can call it Batman mode. Now if the admin sends a message then his profile will be anonymous and on behalf of the group.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to check this anonymous surname. This is due to the feature's ability to hide contacts even from the members list.

Need Help Managing Channels

If you are a channel or group manager, of course someone must do the maintenance. But there are times when doing this we are sometimes overwhelmed.

Now you can try adding a new admin to participate in managing the group. The method is as follows:

  1. First, of course, open and run the Telegram application on the cellphone
  2. Then enter the group or channel that you manage by clicking the profile icon
    click edit
  3. Next you will find the add admins option to add a new admin. find the name of the person to make admin with long press and select make admin
  4. Furthermore, you can also manage what access this new admin can do
  5. Lastly, just click done and the new admin will immediately be active

Isn't that so easy? Adding additional admins will surely help you in managing the group. Congratulations and best wishes for your endeavors.


In the article above, we have provided ways to find out the telegram channel admin, anonymous channel admin, and an explanation of help managing channels.

Thus the article about How to Know the Telegram Channel Admin, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you, good luck.

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