How to Find OVO ID for TikTok Lite - Don't you know the location of the OVO ID yet? If not, you can see the article below about how to find out OVO ID for TikTok Lite.

Today, e-wallets, also known as digital wallets, are the latest advancement in the digital age. Virtual or digital money can be stored in the digital wallet application itself.

Apart from not only functioning as a wallet, e-wallets can also be used to carry out digital and offline transactions in businesses that allow digital payments.

Not only that, the e-wallet application can also be used to receive money which can then be withdrawn in cash or transferred to a bank account to be cashed out.

Currently there are lots of e-wallets in Indonesia that you can use to save money or make transactions, some of which are DOKU, LinkAja, Gopay, DANA, or OVO.

Check OVO ID for Tiktok Lite

Media attention has recently been drawn to the lucrative Tiktok Lite Money Making event. Users have money to win millions of dollars using this application.

To make withdrawals, consumers can withdraw money using bank accounts or e-wallets such as DANA and OVO. Withdrawing money from Tiktok Lite to your own e-wallet is quite easy.

Only your OVO or DANA ID must be entered. After that, the money will immediately flow to the designated e-wallet. However, some people still don't know the OVO ID for Tiktok Lite.

The OVO ID for Tiktok Lite itself is the cellphone number registered with OVO. To withdraw money from Tiktok Lite to OVO you can enter your OVO number, for example 08589680254.

When filling in your OVO ID, you must write it starting with the number 0. You may not change it to 62 or any other number so that money can enter your OVO account.

How to find out or see where OVO ID is

In essence, the e-wallet ID is the mobile number connected to the account. If you forget the number you registered, you can check it on your profile page.

For how to find out or see OVO ID Tiktok Lite, if you forget or don't remember the cellphone number registered in the e-wallet application itself, it's very easy to find out.

Here is the complete tutorial:

  1. First, open the OVO application on your cellphone
  2. Then go to the Profile menu
  3. Right below your name will be your OVO number or ID
  4. The ID in question is your cellphone number registered in the OVO application
  5. If you want to receive money, make sure you don't also enter the dash symbol in the withdrawal column.

Very easy right? By using the method above, you will no longer worry about making a wrong transaction or withdrawal on the Tiktok Lite application which is currently viral.

Usually, your funds will be available at OVO as soon as you make a withdrawal through the Tiktok Lite application. But if not, check again for the OVO number that you provided in the Tiktok Lite application.

However, if it's still correct but still not logged in, wait for 2 x 24 working hours as stated in the disbursement instructions when withdrawing money using OVO.


In the article above, we have provided an OVO ID check for TikTok Lite, not only that, we also provide a way to find out or see where the OVO ID is.

Thus the article on How to Find Out OVO ID for TikTok Lite, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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