Download SejutaCita APK, Features and How to Register – You need to know that SejutaCita APK is an application that can help you get valuable information. Download the latest version of SejutaCita APK so that you no longer miss information while you are a student or student.

Now it is possible to find a solution to the problem of being a student or student with the new application. It has a course going for it, including a modern look and lots of useful features.

Aplikasi saat ini sangat berkomitmen untuk anak muda Indonesia termasuk pelajar, mahasiswa, dan individu muda lainnya. Meskipun menyediakan konten pendidikan yang dapat memperluas wawasan kamu, penggunaannya sederhana dan sepenuhnya bebas risiko.

As a pre-review, you may want to take a look at this post before deciding to download it to your phone or cell phone. You never know if you will be attracted to him or find another perspective on him. Instead of being curious, let's just take a look at this One MillionCita APK in detail.

What is One MillionCita APK

The SejutaCita APK application is to help or become a medium for young Indonesians to find out about upcoming events. Many other types of internships exist, such as webinars and contests as well as seminars and conferences.

The role of this application is not only as a medium to facilitate information, but also as a location for careers. There is a lot that can be done with this application, and of course it will add to your experience and develop your CV.

The goal of SejutaCita is to make event information more accessible to the nation's younger generation. Democratization here can be in the form of collecting information from various regions and can be used together.

In this method, both parties will benefit. This app will benefit from increased traffic and download rates no matter where you download and install it.

What are the Features of MillionCita APK

Various features are available in the application, one of the most interesting is the main function "Event". Inside there are menu features that you can use to get activities. Here's an explanation.

1. Contest

Entering the “Contest” option will offer a selection of contests that you can enter. This menu features several different competitions. Categories can also be modified according to your current educational status.

You can sort results based on a number of criteria. If you are a student looking for a literature competition, for example, the related competition event, registration information, and competition date will all be displayed.

By taking courses in competition, you will receive valuable experience in a team environment. So use it to allow you to take advantage of your abilities and interests.

2. Scholarships

Of course, there are several scholarship opportunities listed under the course menu “Scholarships.” The curriculum can be taken by all levels of students, from junior high school graduates to undergraduates.

Don't waste it, of course, because this scholarship allows you to go to the next level for free. Moreover, it does not only involve domestic academic levels, but you can apply for scholarship programs abroad.

you have the same level of control over this menu category as you have with the last one. Are you a high school student, college / student, or general category. Students wishing to complete their secondary education in another country can do so.

3. Webinars

Online and offline seminars, general conversations, and training can all be found in the SejutaCita APK “Webinar” menu option. You'll see a long list of webinars here, some of which may have hundreds of attendees.

There are a wide variety of topics covered in webinars, including personal growth, planning finance, mental health, physical health, social action, and even technology. So you have various possibilities to increase your understanding according to your hobby.

This webinar is intended for students, university students, and the general public. So, anyone can take part in the webinar according to the terms and conditions of the webinar organizer, of course.

4. Volunteers

The “Volunteers” section includes a variety of internships, campaigns, apprenticeships, and volunteering programs. You can take part in a variety of rewarding activities that will help you advance in your work while also giving you the opportunity to hone your existing skills.

Don't miss registration schedules and events, while you can choose according to the category you want. Environment, health, education, empowerment, and others are some of the options available to you.

This event is not only limited to online or online, but also presents face-to-face activities (offline) (offline). You can also choose paid volunteers or not.


The "Exchange" option provides various kinds of student exchange programs provided by various educational institutions, both private and public. With this program, you can take part in education abroad during the program

Since the number of participants in this student exchange program is very limited, be sure to register for as many courses as possible. SMA or SMK/equivalent, lecturers/students, the general public, and others can take part in this student exchange.

6. Conferences

The "Conference" menu contains a kind of discussion study on a matter, but it is even more extensive. Usually the conference is attended by participants from various countries or is international in nature.

For those of you who are interested in conversing with individuals from abroad, you can take advantage of this conference. Of course you will have a fresh point of view and add additional insight.

7. Show

The "performance" option provides several entertainment events such as festivals, art shows, or theatrical performances. It is very interesting to follow, because it will help you to explore a wide imagination.

If determined by the organizers, participants may come from any social group. To get started, simply click the list button to the right of this text. Time is of the essence, so don't let this opportunity pass you by.

8. Others

The “More” menu is a multi-category event, not a single category event as described above. There are a variety of educational opportunities available, including workshops, courses and even tutoring.

You can learn a lot and improve your overall well-being by following the instructions in this guide. Just like the other menus, you only need to register in the registration column provided.

What are MillionCita Programs

In addition, SejutaCita provides various activities through the website, including events organized by third parties. So what are these programs? Here's the review.

1. Scholarships

This scholarship program originates from the MillionCita Corporation itself, in which there are waves or batches. Usually held on certain days and months which you can verify in the "Program" option on the website.

2. Festival Competition for New Students and Indonesian Students (FMBPI)

SejutaCita organizes FMBPI for all young people in Indonesia. Quiz Contests, Poetry Contests, and Essay Contests are only a small part of the competitions that participants may take part in.

Not only contests, if you are lucky you will also get 1 on 1 mentorship with alumni of the World's Top Universities, such as Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In addition, if you manage to become a winner, you will get a total of 44 million rupiah. For the conditions, you can open the website >> Programs >> Festival of New Students and Indonesian Students.

3. Youth Innovation Challenge

To encourage Indonesian youth to innovate, SejutaCita has launched the “SejutaCita Youth Innovation Challenge” initiative. This event is a competition that seeks to find creative ideas from Indonesia's younger generation.

In addition, Indonesia's youth may face significant development problems. As well as creating healthy competition, and having creative ideas.

Competitors will take part in single events or in teams tasked with creating solutions and helping achieve the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

4. One MillionCita Future Leaders (SFL)

SFL is a selection series that seeks to select the best boys and girls from the age range of 14-30 years to be sent to Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

There you will tour the world's top campuses and get direct directions from alumni/students there. You achieve this by taking a selection quiz or generating an essay.

Intern or Intership Program at SejutaCita

In addition to seeking internships for events held by third parties. In addition, SejutaCita offers unique internship opportunities. Of course, you will have many choices based on your skills and interests when it comes to finding a job.

Visit the website to find out what vacancies are available. Then click “Careers” in the upper right corner of the screen. There is a form to fill out when you choose the job you want to apply for.

How to Download SejutaCita APK

It is very easy to download or download it. You can use your smartphone or device and access the Play Store. After the description, you will find a download link.

App nameDeal Jobs
Need Android version4.4 and up
Released date9 Aug 2022
Updated on21 Feb 2023
DevelopersPT Sejutacita Anak Muda Indonesia
DownloadsClick here

SejutaCita is currently under development and will continue to be updated. If the above link doesn't work for you, you may get a copy here.

Is SejutaCita APK Safe to Use

When viewed through the management system at SejutaCita, this application is very professional and also provides privacy security in it. You might think this application has a functional system that is completely controlled by the developer.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the SejutaCita application is safe for use by all groups. In addition, there is a verification element in it that keeps you safe regarding personal data and other things.

How to Register for a MillionCita Account

How to register is very easy and simple. To access the application, all you need is an active email address. This is how you do it:

  1. Set up an active email account and connected to mobile
  2. Enter the SejutaCita application
  3. After that, you will be asked to provide your email address
  4. Then after you join, you are asked to submit your identity in the form of status, school, and others
  5. Then you will receive a verification code in the email
  6. Check your email, and enter the verification code
  7. Select sign in and done

Isn't that a piece of cake to do? After visiting the app site, you may find a number of features. If you want to see the activities offered, you can select “Events”.

How to Upload Events

You can post events or activities on the MillionCita APK if you want to share them with others. Before following the instructions below, make sure your account is authenticated. Here's the procedure:

  1. Enter the SejutaCita application
  2. Select Profile >> Event Organizer
  3. Then select "Start Uploading". If you haven't verified, the system will direct you to fill in your date of birth, upload your KTP, and more.
  4. Once verified, you can upload the event you created along with its description
  5. Before you upload, first prepare a poster or player to post


The SejutaCita apk application is to help or become a medium for young Indonesians to find out about upcoming events. Many other types of internships exist, such as webinars and contests as well as seminars and conferences.

Thus the article about downloading the Latest Version of the SejutaCita apk, I hope this application can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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