How to Overcome the WhatsApp Camera Zooming Alone - Many WhatsApp users experience that the camera zooms by itself, how do you deal with the WhatsApp camera zooming by itself? You can easily solve it in the way below.

WhatsApp social media application is a very popular instant messaging software. This program has become a necessity for smartphone users recently for communication purposes.

However, as it develops, WhatsApp will have many new features. One of them is the WhatsApp story function. This feature allows users to share their moments with friends or family members who have a mutual connection or relationship.

In this story, users can submit photos and videos up to 30 seconds long. Photos and movies can be taken from the gallery or directly from the camera.

Why WhatsApp Camera Zooms

Now, it seems that many users are facing problems with this camera glitch. The WhatsApp camera will now zoom. How could this happen? Listen to the end.

Why WhatsApp Camera Zooms?

Yes, it's very inconvenient to use the camera constantly zooming in and out for some reason. Especially for those of you who use WhatsApp extensively while trying to make a living from it.

With this problem and zoom cameras, the photos and movies that will be sent are not perfect. Actually there are a number of problems that can make the camera error and zoom. Starting from technical problems to non-technical. For more details, see the following points:

  1. The first problem is that WhatsApp is still running an older version. Some functions can turn into errors this way.
  2. Trash or cache that has accumulated on the cellphone so that the storage becomes full.
  3. There is a problem with the smartphone so that it has an impact on the WhatsApp camera which is an error.
  4. WhatsApp had a number of flaws, including a number of programming issues.

Those are some of the obstacles that can be the reason why the camera on the WhatsApp program becomes an error and zooms on its own.

Once we've identified some of the contributing factors, how do we address this issue? Here's an explanation.

How to Overcome the WhatsApp Camera Zooming Alone

As stated before, there are a number of issues that might cause the WhatsApp camera not to work and automatically zoom in or out. There is no need to panic, as the problem can be fixed by trying the methods listed below:

  1. Update the program to the latest version. The thing is that many users have to update this program regularly. Most of them turn off the program update option and forget to update it. If so, you can ensure that the WhatsApp program is in the latest version to access the full functionality application
  2. Close the app and reopen it. In this approach, the application process is restarted and the program's features, including the camera, can be reloaded
  3. Restart the phone. Rebooting the phone is apparently a simple process. But what is evident is that these frequent restarts also help to make the phone responsive again. That's because restarting the phone also restarts the programs running on the system, including WhatsApp
  4. Delete all temporary files from your computer hard drive or application storage. The application's residual history files are stored in this cache, although they are not required. Storage requirements can only be met by this cache file. Reboot your phone and log back in if the problem persists after clearing your WhatsApp cache and clearing your phone's memory
  5. Reinstall whatsapp. In addition to defects, errors may also appear because the system in the program package is damaged. Try reinstalling WhatsApp on your phone to see if that helps
  6. Factory reset on the phone. There may be a problem with your phone system if the following procedure does not solve the problem, even if there is no problem with the program. Maybe you can try to do a factory reset on the phone so the new phone will come back


In the article above, we have provided the reasons why the WhatsApp camera is zooming and don't forget that we also provide ways to deal with the WhatsApp (WA) camera that zooms itself. How, very easy right?

Thus the article on How to Overcome Your Own Zoom WhatsApp Camera, I hope the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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