Eye Health Check Application on Android

Rancakmedia.com – If you don't have the opportunity to come to the optician, you can easily download the eye health check application on Android.

The reason is because the entire eye condition assessment procedure is carried out electronically. So you can find out whether your eye condition is healthy or vice versa before continuing to contact a specialist.

As you know, maintaining eye health is one of the important things you must do so that your eyes are always healthy and protected from minus eyes.

A healthy diet and avoiding activities that can harm your eyes are the two most important things you can do to protect them. Don't forget to use it too application Android which has the ability to check eye health.

List of Eye Health Check Applications on Android

Here are some minus eye test apks for Android phones that are free and easy to use, as follows:

Eye Exam

To get started, you can download an application called Eye Exam to determine whether your eyes are healthy or not.

By using this software, you can keep an eye on any changes in your eye health. Of course, this app doesn't just test your eye health.

The reason is because the questions on this page have been approved by eye care professionals. As a result, Eye Examination is safe and accurate.

You can install Eye Checkup by searching for it in the Google Play Store app store and then clicking Install.

Smart Optometry – Minus Eye Test Application

Smart Optometry – Eye Test for Professionals is the second application that you can easily use on your Android smartphone.

Here you can see the test display with several languages according to the language selected by the user.

To save your time and provide reliable results, eye exams at Smart Optometry – Eye Test for Professionals are fast.

Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans – Eye Care Plus

You can use Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans – Eye Care Plus to check the health condition of your eyes, is it very good or comes out minus.

The application produced by the health4mobile developer can be equipped with various functions and can be used easily.

This software uses free vision training and eye test services to do its job. Eye Care Plus also uses brain algorithms to see the reaction your eyes are making through the tests it performs, which includes eye exercises and eye training plans.

Kuku Kube – Minus Eye Test Application

How to check eye health using Kuku Kube is fairly easy and fast. So that every user will not be confused anymore.

By using a game of shapes and colors, the test procedure will be more exciting and the findings will also be accurate. A malfunctioning eye cannot distinguish one color from another when they are the same hue.

You will be able to find out about any problem with your eyes towards the end of the game. So that after that it can be treated immediately so it doesn't get worse.

Visual Acuity Test

Visual Acuity Test is another app that we recommend, and it's just as interesting as some of the others we've covered so far.

Eye health checks using this application are quite interesting, easy, and can be done at any time according to the user's wishes.

This application, which has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand people on the Google Play Store, provides a test that must be taken by its users.

This test is good for all ages, from toddlers to adults so they know the health condition of their eyes.

Eye Test

Eye Test, an eye minus test application for Android phones, is also highly recommended. Here are offered various types of tests to assess the health condition of the user's eyes.

Not only one type of test, but in the Eye Test there are six tests that you can use as needed. The Designveloper app can help anyone find out more about eye problems, such as myopia. Take the test wherever and whenever there is time!

Eye Vision: Board Check Tests

Finally, there is Eye Vision: Boards Check Tests. As the name suggests, this application provides an eye test with a test board to check your eyesight. So that after that people may find problems related to their eyesight.

Eye Vision: Boards Check Tests contains eye examinations from many well-known eye doctors, you know. Download this application now to find out about its features and usage!


In the article above, we have provided a list of applications that you can use to test your eye health, and you can download these applications on the Google Play Store.

Thus the article about the Eye Health Check Application on Android, I hope the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you, good luck.

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