The Viral WhatsApp Tapping Application on TikTok - Have you noticed the WhatsApp tapping application that is currently viral? If you don't know it yet, below we have recommended the WhatsApp tapping application which is currently viral on TikTok.

List of WhatsApp Tapping Applications

Below we have provided an application that you can use to tap WhatsApp, which is as follows:

1. iSpyoo

Ways of working application this is by attaching the target Whatsapp account to the WA web. Nothing extraordinary, this is also usually done by the account owner himself, right? The user should be aware that he can access his account via the internet.

iSPyoo can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. Users must first install and create an account. Many TikTok videos show how to monitor a target's WA account using iSpyoo.

2. Highster Mobile

The Highster Mobile app comes in two flavors: free and premium. For users who want to have a premium account, it is enough to pay once for permanent use.

In this application there are various tools to monitor targets remotely. The user gets access to the target account's WA call history, geolocation, and text messages.

3. Clone App Messenger

The working premise of Clone App Messenger is to clone or copy the target account. Many people use it to monitor certain Western Union accounts. The working principle is to replicate the target account to other phones.

Clone App Messenger can be downloaded from the Google Play Store in the same way as other apps. By utilizing this application, all activities on the target smartphone can be easily identified.

4. mSpy

The target WA account can be found using mSpy. More specifically, users can see where the WA number is. This application is also available in a premium edition with several features.

5. Mobile Spy

Similar to mSPy, this WA tapping application can be used to spy on the target smartphone. There are several "spy" options available. The benefits of being able to monitor Facebook accounts in addition to tracking targets via GPS.

6. Spymaster Pro

Based on the name, it can be seen that this application is a premium version. Spymaster Pro information is more comprehensive. Users will get additional information.

The data displayed is not only the activity of the target's WA account, even the moment the activity was carried out. Spymaster Pro can operate on Android and iOS smartphones. Rooting your phone is required first, unfortunately.

7. Appmia

As with Spymaster Pro, Appmia's premium edition is the same as the free version. There is a lot of information in the WA account of the person you are after. The benefits of this application include ease of use and compatibility with various operating systems.

8. Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the best 8 TikTok-viral apps to get into WA. Not only can you see the target's location and the words displayed on the screen, but you can also see hidden communications.

Another benefit is that image, sound, and even video data can be accessed on the target smartphone. There is more information to be had. When it comes to keeping tabs on other people's WA accounts, Spyzie should be an alternative.

It's not easy to monitor the WA account in question. With so many WA hacking apps now going viral on TikTok, this is easy to do. But keep in mind, this activity should not be done haphazardly.


In the article above, we have provided 8 applications that you can use to tap the WhatsApp (WA) of friends, friends, or even girlfriends.

Thus the article about the Viral WhatsApp Spy Application on TikTok, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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