How to Download Data on the Whatsapp Application Account

How to Download Data on the Whatsapp Application Account – WhatsApp messaging program remains a hot issue until now. For those of you who don't know, in the most recent regulation improvements, WhatsApp forced its users to share data with Facebook as the parent company.

When traced back, actually this is not the first time for WhatsApp to roll out the same regulation. In 2016, WhatsApp gave users the option to choose not to share data with Facebook.

However, now users like it or not have to agree to share data with Facebook, if they still want to use WhatsApp.

Related to this rule, in the latest version of the program, users can retrieve their WhatsApp account data. That data can be found in the Settings menu.

Then specify Account and click on Request account information. Finally, specify the Request report.

Then, you will receive a statement if the requested data or report will be sent within about 3 days.

But it needs to be emphasized, this data or report does not count messages. In addition, these reports remain within a few weeks of being sent.

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