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Download the WA BTS Sticker Application – Many smartphone users like the Korean boy band called BTS, and quite a few also want to download the WA BTS sticker application, are you also one of those who want WA BTS stickers? If yes, this is the right article for you to read.

Bangtan Boys or better known as BTS is a famous boy band from South Korea. Where, this group which consists of 7 people is liked by many k-popers at home and abroad.

As an ARMY, (BTS fans) it feels incomplete if the WA application they use doesn't have BTS stickers in it. Therefore, below we will propose a BTS wa sticker application for Android phones.

Do you want to know what BTS stickers you will receive on your Whatsapp? The following is a list of applications that you can have.

What Are WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp stickers are small images or animations that are used to express feelings or messages visually in conversations on WhatsApp.

These stickers can be downloaded from the WhatsApp app store or from third-party apps and can be used in individual or group chats on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp stickers are becoming increasingly popular because they are more varied and interesting compared to regular emoticons.

List of the Latest BTS WhatsApp Sticker Applications

The following is a list of BTS sticker apks on WA that you need to know. Please see the details listed below for further information.

1. WAStickerApps Funny BTS Stickers

Application NameWAStickerApps Funny BTS Stickers
Need Android version4.4 and higher
Released dateAug 16, 2021
Updated on20 Aug 2021
DeveloperApplications, Inc
DownloadsClick here

The recommended WhatsApp BTS sticker application is the cute BTS Stickers WAStickerApps. Animated and cute stickers featuring all nine BTS members can be found in this app, which has the same name.

Apart from that, in this application users can also share the stickers in it with relatives or ARMY who are your friends. As a result, you and other BTS fans in your social circle or phone contacts may become closer.

Features of WhatsApp WA Funny BTS Stickers:

  1. The best and free sticker collection
  2. high quality photos
  3. User friendly and very attractive appearance
  4. Stickers can be easily shared

How to Download Funny BTS WhatsApp Stickers on WAStickerApps:

  1. Install and launch the Cute BTS Sticker application
  2. Find your favorite sticker collection
  3. Just click “Unlock” and then “Add to Whatsapp”
  4. After doing this, you have successfully added the BTS wa sticker that you dream of. Easy right?

2. BT21 BTS WAStickers

Application NameBT21 BTS WAStickers
Need Android version5.0 and above
Released dateMarch 22, 2022
Updated onOct 12, 2022
DeveloperSolo Leveling
DownloadsClick here

Next there is BT21 BTS WASticker. This application is suitable for Adorable Representative MC For Youth (ARMY) who like the cute, cute and adorable styles of BTS personnel.

Even though only 400 people had downloaded it at the time this article was written, it contains various WhatsApp application stickers with a BTS theme that will make you like them.

The BT21 BTS WASticker application can only be used if WhatsApp is up to date and can handle these stickers before you continue. So, please update it first before using it.

How to Use the BT21 BTS WASticker Application:

  1. Open Stickers BT21 VTS WAStickers once downloaded and installed
  2. Next, please click “Add to WhatsApp”
  3. Don't forget to confirm
  4. If so, please launch the Wamu program, then join the conversation or chat
  5. To access the stickers that you have uploaded to the application, open the Stickers menu. Please show it to other ARMYs so they can get it too

3. BTS Bangtan Boys WA Stickers WAStickerapps

Application NameBTS Bangtan Boys WAS WAS stickers
Need Android version2.1 and higher
Released dateApr 11, 2021
Updated onApr 11, 2021
DownloadsClick here

Wa BTS Bangtan Boys Stickers is an application that makes it easy for ARMYs to get BTS themed stickers and share these stickers with friends, family or other people.

Free BTS K-pop stickers for your WhatsApp conversations are available from the developer of this apk. Various BTS individuals such as J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Suga and V BTS stickers.

How to use the WA BTS Bangtan Boys WAS Sticker application

  1. Download this application using the link we have provided
  2. After that add it to WhatsApp
  3. If so, confirm your action
  4. Then open the WhatsApp application and open a chat
  5. Then tap the Emoji icon
  6. If so, you will see a new sticker icon at the bottom

Tips for Choosing a Cool Sticker Application

Many people often feel confused when choosing a sticker application. In fact, the selection process must be adapted to user needs. Unfortunately, if the selected application is not suitable, it will be wasted.

For those who are still unsure about choosing a sticker maker application for WhatsApp, you can read this discussion. We will explain how to choose a cooler and easier to use sticker application:

  1. Pay attention to the features contained in the application. Does this feature fulfill the user's wishes in making stickers according to their wishes or not?
  2. Select the application that matches the desired format. Is it moving or just a picture?
  3. Choose applications that come from official platforms and are safe to use.
  4. Choose an application that has been proven to be good. You can see previous user reviews. If there are lots of positive comments, it means the application is good.


WhatsApp stickers are small images or animations that are used to express feelings or messages visually in conversations on WhatsApp.

That's the information about downloading 3 free and cool WA BTS sticker applications, hopefully the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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