How to Vote on Idol Champ – As we know, you get a video on Idol Champ who is your favorite idol, but how do you vote on Idol Champ? Take it easy, below we will provide an explanation.

Voting for Idol Champ has become more popular, and while some of you may be familiar with the process, others may be confused.

As a starting point, let's talk about what this Idol Champ is all about and why it's here. check point.

What is Idol Champ Vote

Idol Champ, as I know it, is an application that serves as a site where fans of Idol Groups compete to give their vote or support here.

What is Idol Champ Vote

Votes in this application will then be used to choose the winner at the Show Champion event in Korea. Basically, it's a prize giving ceremony for the Idol Group that has received the most votes.

Show Champion is a music program that airs on the MBC Music channel in South Korea. But we can choose our idol with the given application.

So, before the voting period ends, don't let this opportunity pass you by and give your support in any way you can. Like how? Check out the following debate below.

How To Use Idol Champ To Vote

The approach is very easy, follow the instructions below that we have provided and make sure to read everything carefully so you don't miss anything.

Here's how to vote on Idol Champ, namely:

  1. First, download the app from PlayStore for Android users and AppStore for iPhone users
  2. But before that, make sure you have chosen which idol group you want to choose
  3. Okay, then we go into the application and then register. Google, Facebook, or KakaoTalk are all viable options
  4. After that, you can follow up to 3 of your favorite Idol Groups then click Start
  5. Then enter a nickname or username for your account. You are free to choose a name here, you can use a unique name or describe your favorite idol
  6. As soon as it's done, you'll be taken to the main page, where you can find Show Champions by scrolling down. Existing Show Champions are often correlated to time intervals such as weeks, months, and years
  7. To listen to songs from your favorite idol, open the list of idols and click the "vote" button
  8. Finally, offer Heart to choose

That's how to choose an idol using the Idol Champ application which will then be revealed at the Show Champion event. Supporting an idol is a lifetime commitment, so keep it up!

How To Get Hearts For Free Votes

Choosing by heart is as easy as collecting them. To get around this, go to Store at the top of the app and select “Free”.

Then a mission or task will appear that you must complete there to get the free heart you want. The tasks offered are also not difficult as long as you pay attention, you will get lots of hearts easily.

The tasks that will be given to us include first we have to complete the mission of viewing advertisements, if we manage to watch it to the end then we will get a number of hearts.

Also remember to do it right and don't just watch until the middle because usually the system will recognize that you haven't finished watching it and it will be considered a failure, so you won't be able to collect Hearts either.

The second goal is to complete the quiz to get Hearts. And the fun is not only because we have to solve the problems in this application.

But if we have extra money then there's nothing wrong if we buy Hearts to support our favorite idol group so they can be winners of course.

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