How to Register for the Virgo Alfamart Application – The more technology develops, the easier it is for you to buy goods online, here's how to register for the virgo alfamart application that can make it easier for you to shop.

The Internet is now the only place where people can achieve anything they could do in person before. Buying and selling, trading, commerce and various other activities fall under this broad category.

Rutinitas sehari-hari kamu menjadi lebih mudah dengan berbagai macam aplikasi, masing-masing dengan tujuan tertentu. Tidak lain, tujuannya tentu untuk memudahkan hal-hal yang kamu lakukan.

One of the applications that netizens have been looking for lately is the Virgo Alfamart application. As a result, what exactly is included in the Virgo application. Want to know? Come on, see the review below.

The Virgo Alfamart application is

The Virgo Alfamart application is an e-wallet application by Virgo PT Capital Net Indonesia (CNI). This application might make it easier for you when completing online or cashless purchases.

With this application, you can make transactions very realistically without the need to spend cash to make payments as well as make transactions.

The uniqueness of this application is that it can be used to store minimarket coins, which can then be withdrawn if they have been collected.

Apart from that, by using this application, you can also get many additional benefits such as promotions, cashback, discounts or other incentives.

Link Download Application Virgo Alfamart APK

This application is available on the Google Play Store. Those of you who are interested in downloading or installing this application can do so by clicking on the following link.

In addition, the installation is also done manually using a file manager application because the application file is in the form of an APK that must be installed manually.

Detailed Description

  1. Virgo name
  2. Version 1.5.5
  3. Developer PT Capital Net Indonesia (CNI)
  4. APK files
  5. File Size 20MB

Virgo Application Download Link Google Play Store

Application Features Virgo Alfamart APK

As previously mentioned, this app includes a variety of interesting features that are worth exploring. Then, what are the features incorporated in this application? Here are the features we can provide:

  1. Buy pulses, data quota & electricity tokens
  2. Pay electricity bills
  3. Transfer to e-wallet or bank
  4. Top up your Virgo balance without admin fees
  5. Collect change from transactions at Alfamart or Alfamidi
  6. Small change can be withdrawn or used for credit transactions, quotas, electricity bills and others
  7. There are promos, cashback, balance bonuses and others

How to Register the Virgo Application

So, are you still interested in what we've covered so far? If so, you can immediately download and register the Virgo application right now. Here's how to easily list apps.

  1. Download the Virgo application using the link above
  2. Then launch the app, then select Register Now
  3. Read the Terms & Conditions, scroll down to the bottom, then select Agree
  4. Identify yourself by providing your full name and working mobile number
  5. Press the Next button, then enter the OTP code that was given to the cellphone number
  6. Create a secure PIN consisting of 6 digit numbers
  7. Finally, the account has been created successfully

How to Upgrade a Virgo Account

You can also upgrade your account by verifying to get lots of prizes. Learn how to get more Virgo features with these steps.

  1. Open the Virgo application, on the main screen press Come on, validate your account immediately
  2. After that, click the Verify Account Now button
  3. If your KTP image is not very clear (not blurry or smudged), click Photo eKTP
  4. Press Use Photos, then verify the data that appears on the screen again
  5. Click OK to confirm whether your judgment is correct
  6. Next, take a selfie with your ID by pressing the Ready, Photo Now button
  7. Take a snapshot, then click When done, just print this image
  8. Finally, you only need to wait for your Virgo account verification procedure in a few seconds

After verification, you can use your e-wallet/bank account to send and receive money up to 10 million rupiah and get a blue tick promo in return.


In the article above, we have provided information about the Virgo application, and not only that, we also provide a download link for the Virgo application, features, how to register, and also how to upgrade a Virgo account.

Thus the article about How to Register for the Virgo Alfamart Application, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you, good luck.

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