How to View October Receiptify on Herokuappp Com – Many Spotify users ask questions about how to view october receiptify and how to make it, in the following we will provide the method you need to do to view and create october receiptify on Herukoapp Com.

Has anyone never heard of Spotify? The world's most popular music streaming app. Though, this Swedish music streaming service is quite famous on the internet.

you can download application Spotify for free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. On the Play Store alone, Spotify has over 500 million downloads.

Thousands of songs from various music genres are available to listen to in this application. Aesthetics and practical use also make this application more and more popular among most netizens.

However, if you want to listen to all Spotify songs ad-free, you can upgrade to the premium plan. If so, do you also listen to music through the Spotify application?

The term "Receiptify" has become widely used to refer to a receipt. Many people publish this music shopping receipt on social media such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Many people are interested in this and want to know how to make it. But first, let's find out what the Spotify Receiptify craze is all about.

Receiptify Spotify Herokuapp Com

Lately a new trend has emerged with the Spotify app. This trend is called Receiptify Spotify, have you heard or seen it on the various social media networks that you use?

Maybe you've seen a post or someone's story that displays a receipt. But not a receipt for groceries or soap, this receipt contains a list of songs.

Yep, this habit is certainly getting viral among netizens. In the form of a shopping list, consumers keep track of the songs they listen to most often on Spotify.

This trend is truly unique. Out of nowhere the concept started when people prepared these playlists by way of shopping receipts. The fad of serving food receipts for this song is now booming on Instagram.

Your October Receiptify Instagram

So it turns out that the hot music list that is now popular among netizens has debuted on Instagram recently. October Receiptify Spotify must be demonstrated by the user.

Requests are made using a new function on Instagram commonly known as drop your pic Instagram. Users can request other users to submit certain images using this function.

Recently, a lot of people have been creating or publishing stories on their Instagram containing the phrase “drop your October Receiptify” which means they want you to show them the lines of your songs.

Making an October Receiptify is very easy. You can immediately see how to view and generate Spotify Receipts on Herokuapp Com below.

How to View and Make Receiptify Spotify on Herokuapp Com

  1. Open the Receiptify site via the following link:
  2. Then you can immediately log into your Spotify account by entering your username or email and password
  3. After that, 3 options will appear, namely last month, last 6 months and all time. You can choose the last month to make your Your October Receiptify on Spotify
  4. Select the time you want and after that a list of the songs you listen to the most will appear
  5. Then to get a photo of the shopping receipt, you can click get image then download to save it to the gallery
  6. If it is now the photo is ready to be shared on social media

How easy is it? By following the method above, now you can make a Spotify Receiptify receipt for a song that is currently viral on Instagram Story.


In the article above we have provided information about October Receiptify, not only that we also provide a way to view and create Spotify Receiptify on Herokuappp Com.

Thus the article about How to View October Receiptify on Herokuappp Com, I hope the above article can be useful and help you all, good luck.

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