How to make reels on Instagram with lyrics - Instagram has many of the latest features, one of which is Reels Instagram, do you already know how to make reels on Instagram with lyrics? If you haven't read this article to the end.

Instagram Reels is a new feature launched by the social media platform. A large number of Instagram users have declared the app and are taking advantage of this feature.

Previously, this feature was still in the experimental stage in a number of countries. However, according to the latest report, this feature is available for IG users around the world, including in Indonesia.

People claim that this app is very similar to the now very popular Tiktok app. Does this mean Reel Instagram and Tiktok are really the same feature?

What is Instagram Reels Feature

What is Instagram Reels Feature

The Instagram Reels feature itself is a feature that is very similar to the Tiktok application. Users will be able to post 15 second videos using this feature.

The short film can then be posted using the Instagram account's feed page. Reels on Instagram can include audio, video, and any combination of the three.

Instagram's Reels feature, which is similar to Tiktok, allows users to apply different effects or filters to their videos to enhance the app's aesthetics.

Many people recently acquired and tested this feature. However, some people are still confused about how to make a Reel with lyrics on Instagram.

How to make reels with lyrics on Instagram

Using Instagram's stories feature, you can quickly create your own reel of footage. We may include song lyrics directly in the Instagram Reel.

Even so, a large number of Instagram people are unable to create or upload Reels with lyrics. What interests you is how? Watch the following learning video:

  1. Make Instagram Reels via the Story menu
  2. After that, select the Reels to upload
  3. Open the Stickers button, select the Music section to put music on Reels
  4. Then look for the song or music used in Reels
  5. Tap the Aa icon to set the display style of the lyrics that will appear on Reels
  6. Download the story that has successfully added the lyrics
  7. Recreate the Reels video using the video with the lyrics added earlier
  8. Don't forget to add the same music as the lyrics earlier
  9. Upload the Reels to your Instagram
  10. It's really easy, right, how do you make or add Reels with lyrics on Instagram earlier? Actually there are still other manual methods that you can try to use, but this method is simpler and more efficient

Instagram Reels Feature Not Appearing

The Reels feature may have appeared on your Instagram account for certain people. Not everyone will have the tools for this feature because it doesn't show up in app search results.

So, why is that? There are various factors that may be the source of this difficulty. One of them is because the version of the Instagram application is outdated. So, how to fix it?

  1. Update the Instagram application through the Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Clear Instagram Cache and RAM
  3. Re-login or log back into the Instagram app
  4. Restart or reboot your phone

So, for those of you who are still wondering why the Instagram Reels feature doesn't appear in the IG application. You can try various techniques above to be able to try or use its features.


In the article above, we have provided information about what Instagram reels are, how to make reels, and also the Instagram reels feature that doesn't appear.

That's an article about How to Make Reels on Instagram with Lyrics, I hope this is useful and can help you all, good luck.

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