Free and Safe OVO Money Making Game – If you like playing games, now there is an OVO money-making game, you know, which you can play for free and of course it's definitely safe.

Not a few of the games below promise easy success so you can get a lot of money. Watching video games as a hobby was once considered a waste of time.

In contrast to the digital world as it is today, the availability of money making games has motivated many to try and master them to turn pro.

List of Games that Make the Best OVO Money

The millennial era requires individuals who are intelligent in utilizing the digital environment. Likewise with the use of money-making online game programs. Because, if you are not alert and observant, you can easily suffer losses due to scams.

List of Games that Make the Best OVO Money

This can be minimized by playing more games before starting a money making venture. Well, to keep things simple, this post presents some of the biggest possibilities to try.

However, in this discussion, we will specifically discuss a trusted free OVO generator application. Want to know? Just look at the following explanation:

1. Quiz Id application

This OVO balancing game brain teaser is famous for its difficulty. Besides offering prizes, this game also makes the user's brain function better.

The goal in this game is solving problems in different stages. There are coins to earn after completing each level.

These coins can then be traded to OVO balances or local accounts. The distribution is also quite fast as long as the minimum disbursement nominal is in accordance with the requirements, namely IDR 100,000.

The Quiz Id application developer is Quiz Indonesia. Suitable for Android devices running version 4.1 or higher. The size of this application is relatively small because it only requires 12 MB of space,

2. The Money Whale application

Want to get an OVO balance easily and for free? The answer is to download the Money Whale application. Because, simply by playing games combining animal characters, you can immediately pocket points for OVO balancing.

It should be noted that OVO is not the only digital wallet that offers this feature. Because there are GoPay and other DANA as other alternative choices.

The creator of this app is Money Whale. With only 36 MB in size, you may already have this viral money-making application. As long as the smartphone has Android 5.0 or later operating system installed on it.

3. Clip Clips application

Included in the well-known and fast earning balancing game OVO. Because this game can delete your balance with only a minimum of IDR 140,000. While each point obtained is always in large numbers.

Interestingly, no games or credits are required to play Clip Clips games. Because you only need to complete the in-game tasks provided in this application.

Grand Channel Entertainment Limited is the studio behind this game. This game requires Android 4.1 or higher to run. Despite having a narrow storage capacity, this application is easy to download because it only takes up 49 MB of space.

4. Money Dolphin application

There are many similarities between this and the previously described Money Whale software. Money Dolphin produced by Luckytime App Team is perfect for playing while relaxing. Also, the required storage capacity is minimal, around 24 MB.

Android version 5.0 or higher is required to operate this application. Interestingly, the more animal characters you produce, the more coins you will get.

OVO balance and other coupons can be purchased using the coins collected here. So, the exchange of coins can be changed according to the request.

5. Cashpop application

Still not familiar with this best viral application? We recommend that you get acquainted immediately so you can make rupiah coffers and also OVO balances for the lucky ones.

Going through a series of small games in it will generate Gold which can then be exchanged for OVO balances and pulses.

Interestingly, customers who successfully invite many friends will get a bonus. So by distributing referral codes as far as possible, the more profit you will get.

This application was produced by CashPop Developer which has a size of 17 MB. Android system to be able to operate this game requires 4.2 and up. This OVO money-making game is so light that it can be played on a potato smartphone.


In the article above, we have provided a list of games that you can play to make OVO money, which have been tested to be safe and free.

There are 5 applications that we have summarized from various sources, namely the Quiz id application, the money whale application, the clip clips application, the money dolphin application, and also the cashpop application.

This is an article about the Free and Safe OVO Money-Making Game, I hope it can be useful and help all of you, good luck.

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