How to Quickly Add TikTok Followers in 1 Minute – If your TikTok account doesn't have followers, or your TikTok followers are few, there is how to quickly increase followers TikTok in 1 minute that you can try.

Additional applications can be used, but they are less effective because most of them only have clone accounts that are rarely used to interact with each other.

Apart from that, there are also techniques to achieve this without using an application, it is difficult but very effective to achieve your target. For example, consider using an engaging and distinctive video.

Tiktok is nothing but a social network with short videos. Tiktok is not alone in using this platform. The emergence of additional applications such as Snack Videos adding to the list of rivals from this Chinese application.

How to Add Free TikTok Followers

Video Snack creators, be sure to read our previous article on how to make a lot of money on the platform by posting your videos there.

Followers or followers on the Tiktok application have a significant function for an account, especially for those who use it as a money-making application. The more followers, the more famous the individual behind the account is.

But of course potential followers. Getting Tiktok coins is much easier if you become famous. You can even get endorsement deals to promote an item or service. So, what is the fastest way to increase tiktok followers? Check out the following explanation carefully!

What is the TikTok App

The TikTok application has now become one of the most popular social media applications in the world, be it children, teenagers or even parents.

TikTok is a social networking application and music video platform where users can create, edit and share short video clips complete with filters and sound support.

By using the TikTok application, users can create unique short videos quickly and easily and can be shared with friends or the world.

In addition to the development of the TikTok application, now TikTok users can make videos with a longer duration, such as 60 seconds, 1 minute and 3 minutes.

Link to download the TikTok application

Application NameTikTok
Need Android versionVaries by device
Download size78MB
Released dateMay 7, 2017
Updated onDecember 21, 2022
Developers TikTok Pte. Ltd

Download here

What is the TikTok App

How to Quickly Add Free TikTok Followers

Due to the importance of followers on Tiktok accounts, many are willing to pay and use the service to grow Tiktok followers and likes.

In reality, there are methods that are more effective and provide for possible victims. To be honest, it's not an easy thing. To complete it, you need a lot of patience and perseverance.

1. Create Interesting Content

Tiktok is basically a social media with short video platform, for that you can produce movies which are entertaining, original, instructive and useful for the viewers.

It doesn't have to be extraordinary, but try to keep it unique. If you are also an online game player like Mobile Legend, where yesterday we explained how to customize the ML loading screen, you can develop tips and tricks in the game.

2. Tik Tok Challenge

The more challenges you can take on or Tiktok challenges you can use to get other accounts to join, the better.

Challenges are also open to those who are unable. By following these difficulties, the videos you produce will definitely be easier for viewers to watch. Especially if the challenge is viral and still hot.

3. Use Appropriate Hashtags

Do you already know what Hashtags are? Others call it the hash symbol '#'. Despite the fact that it seems pointless at first glance, it is extremely beneficial for optimizing your video content.

By utilizing hashtags that match the content, the video is eligible to appear easily in Tiktok search results.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

4. Understand the TikTok Algorithm

The next approach to adding Tiktok followers without an application is to understand the algorithm of the Tiktok application.

It is very important that the ranking of each video in search results is determined by an algorithm. Using the right keywords in your movie title is a fundamental part of decoding the algorithm.

5. Establish Collaboration with Other TikTokers

If you are thinking about how to increase your TikTok followers for free, then collaborating with fellow TikTokers will be the best way you can do it.

Through this collaboration, you will benefit from higher exposure from these TikTokers followers. To get followers, it would be nice if you collaborated with TikTokers who have more followers.

6. Make short videos

As a content creator, you need to understand your visitors. Some TikTok visitors like short videos, not long videos like on YouTube.

Create short content of around 9 to 15 seconds. If necessary, you can make continuous videos that make the audience feel curious and follow you to get the latest video updates.

7. Promote on Social Media

Of all the ways to add TikTok followers that we have provided above, there is a way that is no less important for you to do, namely by promoting your TikTok account on social media.

How to Add Tiktok Followers with the Application

Lazy people will find it very difficult to carry out the steps outlined above on how to get free Tiktok followers to grow your audience on the app.

However, it does not rule out the possibility of additional strategies to increase the more than 100 million people who take advantage of social media likes and followers.

How to Add Tiktok Followers with the Application

Others have the ability to use additional applications. Here is a selection of applications that you can take advantage of!

  1. Get tik tok followers
  2. TikFollowers
  3. TikFamous
  4. TikStar
  5. TikFans
  6. TikFans: Mupangat
  7. TikFollowers
  8. TokPlus
  9. Followers & Likes For tiktok Free
  10. TikBooster
  11. TikFame
  12. Tick+Free
  13. TikFollowers
  14. Tikio
  15. TikFans

How to? Please select one or more of the applications above, then install it on the device you are using.

After successfully installing, you create and link a Tiktok account that you will add followers and likes to. After that, just follow the instructions given and watch your fan base grow.

How to add Tiktok followers without an application

Besides increasing Tiktok followers and likes using the app, you can also do it without the app. To get more Tiktok followers, you need a hyperlink.

There are tons of websites that offer this feature, both free and paid. As follows:

How to add Tiktok followers without an application


How to Make FYP Videos on TikTok

Apart from having lots of followers, you also need to make the videos you make become FYP, how do you do that? Here's how you can do it:

1. FYP hashtags

The first FYP method on TikTok is to use the FYP hashtag, because the uniqueness of the content is not enough, using the FYP hashtag will make your videos more visible to many people, even having the potential to enter FYP or the homepage of other TikTok users.

Show your talent with useful videos and don't forget to include the FYP hashtag in your video caption, you don't need to use a lot of hashtags, just FYP hashtags and other supporting hashtags.

2. Follow Trends That Are Viral

Content using challenges that are currently busy on TikTok will potentially be seen more by other TikTok users.

This FYP method on TikTok will not only make your videos enter FYP, but can be a way to quickly add TikTok followers.

Apart from that, you also need to pay attention to the sound that is being used by many people, use the sound accompanied by the use of the FYP hashtag, so it will be easier for your TikTok videos to enter FYP.

Follow Trends That Are Viral

3.Prime Time

This is very effective for those of you who are confused about when to post content, you can pay attention to working hours in Indonesia which have a break between 12.000 and 13.00 and when you go home from work at 16.00 or 17.00.

Upload your video at the timeframe we mentioned above, plus the time period during normal working hours.

4. Duets

The way to make your TikTok videos FYP is to use the duet feature. These tips are considered very effective because armed with the popularity of other TikTok videos, you will get the attention of visitors.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about how to add followers, as follows:

1. Is it safe to buy TikTok followers?

If a TikTok user deliberately buys followers, then the account that is obtained is only a fake account or commonly known as a bot. Indeed, the number of numbers on the number of followers will increase, but this will reduce interaction.

2. What are the advantages of buying TikTok followers?

The advantage of buying lots of followers is that it increases the value of an account with a large number of followers, considered to have more status. A bus can get many other advantages because the value of our account is also large because it has many followers.


TikTok is a social networking application and music video platform where users can create, edit and share short video clips complete with filters and sound support.

This is an article on how to quickly add TikTok followers in 1 minute, I hope the information we discussed above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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