What is Shopee Handling Classification, Here's the Explanation

Rancakmedia.com – If you are a Shopee user and especially ShopeePay, you need to know what the Shopee handling escalation is, here's the explanation.

Who doesn't know the Shopee app? One of the most popular internet shopping programs in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia. This app is famous for its very striking orange hue.

In Indonesia, Shopee is also quite famous. Especially if you look at the many Shopee advertisements that appear on television, as well as internet servers that are connected to several platforms such as Youtube.

It's no secret that Shopee works with many famous musicians and celebrities on a regular basis. Local artists who often appear in Shopee advertisements nickname it Blackpink, after the soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

What is the Meaning of Shopee Handling Escalation

The advantages of Shopee are a big part of why it is so popular for online shopping. Every time, Shopee offers many interesting promotions and events to its users.

Some of these Shopee promotions are usually in the form of monthly promotions, free shipping, flash discounts, coupons and many more offers from Shopee that are worth trying.

In addition, users can engage in special Shopee sponsored activities to win cool prizes such as Shopee Planting, Lebay Low Cost and Ramadan Big Sale.

Shopee also includes many features that can make it easier for users to make purchases. Shopeepay is a digital wallet, while Shopee Paylater is a credit card.

Of course, by making use of the Shopeepay option, users will enjoy additional perks. Coupons and free shipping, for example, are often sought after by Shopee users.

So, recently the term escalation has appeared in notifications or payment bill messages in the Shopee application for Shopee Paylater. So, what is meant by the escalation of Shopee's handling?

What is the Meaning of Shopee Handling Escalation

According to KBBI itself, escalation shows an increase or expansion. In other words, the additional charge level for users who are late paying Shopee Paylater bills is an escalation of this handling.

The term escalation itself usually appears when users use the Shopee Paylater application. Usually this message occurs for users who have not paid their Shopee Paylater bill.

The term “Shopee handling escalation” refers to an additional handling fee that will be charged to users who have paid bills while using Shopee services.

If a Shopee Paylater user is late or does not pay the bill by the due date, the user will be billed for late bills.

To prevent increased handling of Shopee, users can directly pay Shopee Paylater bills using several methods. Here are the instructions.

How to Pay ShopeePay Later Bills

The solution to preventing an increase in Shopee Paylater billing costs is to pay bills before they are due. Here's the complete guide.

  1. Open the Shopee application on your device
  2. Click the Me menu in the app, then select SPayLater
  3. Next, press the Pay Now option to pay the bill
  4. Pay for your order using your preferred method
  5. SPayLater billing process has been successfully completed

If you are late paying your bill, you will get a price description for the amount of late to be paid; if you are late again, the amount will increase.

Now, if you have also paid your bill, then you will no longer receive SMS notifications of late bills from Shopee. Very simple right?


In the article above, we have explained what a shopee handling escalation is, and we also provide information on how to pay a shopeePay Later bill.

Shopee's handling escalation is an additional handling fee that will be imposed on users who have paid bills.
Thus the article about What is Shopee Handling Classification, Here's the Explanation. Hopefully it can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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