Download the Shopee Food Driver and Merchant Application – If you want to download the Shopee Food Driver and Merchant application, you can download the application in the article below, watch it until it's finished.

By becoming a driver or food delivery person at Shopee Food, you can earn more money and improve your financial situation. In addition, this service also helps business people (traders) to sell their wares.

Especially during the Covid-19 outbreak, Shopee users who had limited activities outside the home really adored Shopee Food. This is certainly an opportunity for those of you who want to try becoming a service partner.

Before registering as a driver or food delivery partner or merchant, you must first confirm the criteria. In addition, you must understand the platform features from Shopee so you don't go wrong.

Shopee Food Driver and Merchant Applications

Many have asked whether Shopee Food has its own application? And do the applications used by sellers or merchants have certain applications as well? Here's the conversation.

Shopee Food Driver and Merchant Applications

Shopee Food is really one of the services provided on the Shopee app. Where when you have the Shopee application it automatically has Shopee Food in it, therefore there is no additional application for this service.

However, driver-partners are required to download the Shopee Food Driver app. This is because it makes it easier for drivers to receive orders and deliver them to their destination.

If you want to use a Shopee Food Driver, you must first register as a driver using the form provided by Shopee.

Meanwhile, sellers or merchants also have their own application called Shopee Partners. Just like drivers, those of you who are going to sell food must register first before using it. This application can make it easier for merchants to monitor orders, menus offered, and money.

How to Register Shopee Food Driver

Launching from DIY News, to register for Shopee Food Drivers, you must first prepare the following conditions:

  1. 17-65 years old
  2. KTP, SIM C, STNK (vehicle min. year 2012), and SKCK (can follow)
  3. Have a savings account in the name of your KTP (BNI, BRI, or BCA)
  4. Active e-mail address
  5. Active phone number
  6. Filling in form Click here

You will be notified by Shopee within one month of submitting the form, if you have met all the requirements.

If you are confused about the registration process, please contact Shopee Food Customer Service at 1500702.

How to Register Shopee Food Driver

According to DIY News, to register for a Shopee Food Driver, you must first prepare the following requirements:

Business Individual Requirements

  2. SPPKP
  3. NPWPD
  4. Passbook's photo

Legal Entity Requirements

  3. NPWP
  4. TDP/NIB
  5. Certificate of Domicile (if located outside Jakarta)
  6. Deed of Incorporation
  7. NPWPD
  8. Passbook's photo

Meanwhile, you have to prepare additional documentation and this applies to all types of companies. These documents are as follows:

  1. Prepare 3 (three) popular menu photos with criteria
  2. Square shape (1:1) with dimensions of 720×720 pixels
  3. JPEG, JPG, and PNG file types are all interchangeable
  4. Photos have good resolution (highly recommended)
  5. Registration form Click here

After the request is authorized by Shopee Food, an approval letter will be sent via email. You have to fill it in and send it to the nearest Shopee office to you. Once done, you can become a Shopee Food partner.

How to Download Applications

We have created a download link for those of you who have trouble finding the Shopee Food Driver and Merchant application. But first, make sure your account is registered and authenticated at Shopee Food.

Driver-only app Download Shopee Food Drivers. For merchants, visit Downloads Shopee Partners. Your smartphone's Google Play Store can be accessed using one of the URLs above.


In the article above we have provided information about the shopee driver and merchant applications, how to register and we also provide how to download the application,

Thus the article about Downloading the Shopee Food Driver and Merchant Application, I hope it can be useful and help all of you.

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