What Does the Blue Check Mean on Instagram, Check the Explanation

Rancakmedia.com – As we know many Instagram accounts have blue ticks on their accounts, do you already know what the blue ticks mean on Instagram? If not, you can find an explanation of the meaning of the blue tick below.

On a number of social media, you often find accounts or profiles on social media that have a blue check symbol next to their name which is commonly referred to as a verified badge.

You can find this blue tick logo on many social media on the internet such as Twitter, LINE, WhatsApp, Facebook, Tiktok or even on programs like Instagram.

A verified label or blue tick next to someone's name on Instagram is a common sight among artists, celebrities and politicians. So what does that mean?

What Does a Blue Check Mean on Instagram

What Does a Blue Check Mean on Instagram

An account with a confirmed badge is a validated account. Usually a confirmed account will get a blue tick or a verified badge.

Instagram accounts marked with a blue tick indicator next to an existing username are often legitimate or genuine. Then, what does the blue tick mean?

Instagram accounts that are verified, or those with a blue tick next to their name, indicate that the account is genuine and not a spoof.

To get this blue tick is not that simple. To get it, users must first fulfill a number of requirements and go through a number of verification stages.

In general, Instagram users who can receive this verified blue tick or label are accounts from political leaders, celebrities, artists or those who are highly recognized.

Meaning of Blue Check on Instagram

In conclusion, what is meant by a blue tick on Instagram is a symbol that indicates whether a person's account on Instagram is a real or official account, which means that it is not a fake or fake account.

Other users will be able to tell if the account is legit by looking for the blue tick. However, this badge is not available to everyone.

As previously discussed, getting this blue tick badge is not easy. Usually accounts that get a blue tick are accounts of famous people.

This may be offered by Instagram so that its users can identify between a real person's account and a fake account by glancing at the verified badge on the account.

Earning this badge, on the other hand, is not an easy task. In order to qualify for it, you must meet a number of requirements. Here are some circumstances to be able to get this blue tick.

Requirements for Getting a Blue Check

To be able to get a blue tick on application Instagram, there are several conditions that users must follow to be able to get this blue tick. Here are some prerequisites.

  1. Celebrity
  2. Artist or athlete
  3. Popular brands
  4. Community or government figures
  5. hits account
  6. Selebgram
  7. Multiple duplicate personal accounts
  8. Accounts that have a spike in followers and likes

Well, if the user has met the prerequisites as specified in the requirements above. Then the user can apply to receive this blue tick on Instagram.

How to Get a Blue Check on Instagram

Once you know what the blue tick represents on Instagram and the conditions. Maybe you are also wondering about how to register? Is it a challenge?

We'll provide a guide on how to get a blue tick on Instagram below if you're interested in trying it.

  1. First, open your Instagram application
  2. Then tap on your Instagram Profile menu
  3. Select Settings by clicking on the three lines symbol in the upper right corner
  4. After that, click Account, then click Request Verification to complete the process
  5. Fill in your personal details on the current form, and upload your identification card such as passport, driver's license or KTP
  6. When finished filling in the info, click Submit

Those of you who have completed the instructions and turned in your work only need to wait a moment. If your account has been verified by Instagram, you will see a blue tick next to it.

However, if your account blue tick request is rejected, you can reapply after 30 days after the rejection. Make sure you meet the criteria if you decide to reapply.


In the article above, we have provided what the blue tick means, the conditions for getting a blue tick, and how to get a blue check on Instagram.

The blue tick is a sign stating that the account has been verified. This type of account is usually owned by a public figure, brand, or an original registered entity.

Thus the article about What Does the Blue Check Mean on Instagram, Check the Explanation. Hopefully it can be useful and help you all.

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