How to Make a Viral Transparent Wallpaper – Did you know that there is a way to make transparent wallpapers that are currently viral on TikTok that you can do with your own hands.

Every time you open the Tiktok app, you will see something fresh. In this application, you can indeed observe many short video clips from various entertainment genres.

Not rare, inside application You also know something that you did not know before. For example, regarding the Kwek Kwek Trio which has recently become a popular conversation on the application.

Transparent Tiktok Viral Wallpaper

In addition, the Tiktok transparent wallpaper application has recently gone viral, which we will discuss in more detail at a later time. Well, for those of you who still don't know more about this, here's the review.

Transparent Tiktok Viral Wallpaper

Transparent wallpapers, as the name suggests, are background themes or wallpapers for your phone's home screen that appear transparent.

In other words, your phone's camera will serve as your wallpaper. In other words, the wallpaper you use is a record of what your camera sees, not a photo or image.

To make a background like this on your smartphone, the procedure is very basic. We may use third-party programs to help apply the wallpaper.

Transparent Live Wallpaper is a free software available on Google Play Store for Android devices. Here is how to use the Transparent Live Wallpaper apk application.

How to make transparent wallpapers on Tiktok

You will be surprised how simple it is to make this transparent wallpaper. However, first, you have to download the software Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper from the Google Play Store.

After successfully downloading it, here's the full tutorial:

  1. Download the Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper app via the link above
  2. Then, after a successful download, open or run the application
  3. There are various alternatives that you can use or choose
  4. You can choose option number 2, namely Transparent
  5. Then after that click Set Wallpaper
  6. Choose where the wallpaper will be placed, either on the home screen or lock screen
  7. Done

How did you do that? Only by using the Transparent Live Wallpaper application, now you can install transparent wallpapers on your cellphone.

But the downside of using this app is that it will increase your phone's performance. So it's not impossible that the battery you use can run out shortly after you use it.


In the article above we have provided information about transparent wallpapers and we also provide ways to make transparent wallpapers on TikTok.

That's an article about How to Make a Viral Transparent Wallpaper, hopefully it can be useful and help all of you.

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