How to Share Screen on Telegram Easy and Fast – Many don't know that Telegram has the newest feature, namely the share screen. If you don't know it yet, how to share screen on Telegram is easy and fast.

Telegram is a social networking application that can be used to interact with other people remotely. Several interesting features are included in this online chat application.

Recently, Telegram has also developed a new feature called screen sharing feature. In most meeting features, this feature is included as standard rates for the app.

With Telegram, you no longer have to rely on third-party meeting apps like Zoom or Google Meet to share your screen with the person you're talking to.

Telegram share screen feature

The share screen feature is a new feature included in this messaging sharing application. This share screen feature certainly makes a number of individuals even more interested in this application.

Share screens can be seen in many online meeting applications for conducting webinars, school, or office work, which is now being done a lot during the pandemic.

Because of this, Telegram created a screen sharing feature to better serve its customers amidst the current epidemic.

Now the share screen feature in this application itself functions to share the user's device screen with other people. So that work can be done more easily by mobile.

How to Share Screen on Telegram

You need to know that you can activate this screen sharing feature when making private or group calls. Here's how to share your screen on Telegram very simply and quickly.

  1. Open the Telegram application
  2. Make private or group calls
  3. Activate the video calling feature while on a call with the camera icon
  4. Then click the share screen button
  5. Done, you can immediately share the screen on your smartphone to other people

On Telegram, how easy is it to share what's on your screen with others? This feature allows you to quickly and conveniently share your screen with other parties.


In the article above, we have explained about the Telegram Share Screen feature that not many internet users know about, besides that we also provide a way to share screens on Teelegram.

Thus the article about How to Share Screen on Telegram Easy and Fast, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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