This is What Squid Game Dolls Say – Many don't know and are wrong about what the squid game doll says, this is what the squid game doll says that you need to know.

Some are curious about what the Squid Game dolls say on various social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, to Tiktok. How about that for an answer?

Squid Game, a Netflix Korean drama, has been popular on various social media platforms. An interesting premise lies at the heart of this particular drama.

Tells the story of someone who follows an invitation to play traditional Korean children's games with a sadistic, sadistic plot, even to the point of being awarded the 19+ classification.

Even though it contains narratives that are inappropriate for viewing by minors, this drama is interesting enough to watch to fill free time at home.

Viral game squid doll

In Squid Game, there are 6 classic Korean childhood games. However, players don't know what game to play until the event starts.

One game features an omo doll, a small doll that often turns around after she finishes talking in a game of Green Light Red Light.

Players will be pinned down if anything is seen moving when the dummy turns. Nearly half of the players were eliminated in this game.

What the doll said made a number of people curious about what the doll said and even wanted to set it as a ringtone on social media.

Download Squid Game Doll Ringtones

Even though it seems scary, the sound that the little doll makes is actually very interesting and has even been used as the butt of jokes by some people.

The voice of the Game Squid doll has even been requested to be used as a ringtone for those who receive messages or phone calls via WhatsApp or their personal telephone number.

Maybe when you get here you are also curious about what was being discussed or want to download a doll ringtone to be used as a ringtone on your WA.

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Squid Game Dolls Saying What?

So, other netizens are also curious, what is the Squid Game doll talking about? It got to the point where the people who were in the play were knocked out the moment he turned around.

Squid Game's first game was a game of green and red lights. It is imperative that the player goes straight to the finish line as soon as the doll announces “Green Light.”

However, when the doll screams Red Light, the player must stop. If it moves a little, the player will be identified by the doll and eliminated.

What the omo doll says in Korean is 무궁화 꽃 이 피었 습니다 which, when translated from Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida, means the hibiscus flower has bloomed.


After reading the article above, you are no longer confused about what the squid game doll says when the game starts.

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