Online Cinema Ticket Order Application – If you want to watch cinema without queuing, you can order tickets through an online cinema ticket ordering application that you can do easily and practically.

If you want to order tickets to watch The Lost City, which will be released on March 12 2022 at SXSW and will premiere on March 25 2022 in the United States. You can watch the film The Lost City in your favorite and favorite cinema.

Application for Buying Cinema Tickets

Did you know that now you can order or buy tickets to watch movies online? Now there are various application which can be used to order tickets.

With this online booking application or purchasing cinema tickets, you can quickly order or buy tickets flexibly without having to wait at the cinema.

Not just one or two apps, but you can order or buy tickets on a number of apps very quickly. So, what are the names of these applications?


The first application for ordering or buying cinema tickets online is the TIX ID application. By using this application, you can buy or purchase cinema tickets from almost any location or time.

TIX ID facilitates the purchase of CinemaXXI or CGV cinema tickets. Not only that, through this application you also have the option to get various offers such as discounts or free tickets.

You can purchase or order tickets in this application using your DANA balance. You can download the TIX ID application for free from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Download Here


Furthermore, the online booking application or purchasing other cinema tickets is the CGV CINEMAS INDONESIA application. This application is the official application of CGV Indonesia.

Using this application, you can order or buy movie tickets for shows at CGV, which was formerly known as Blitz Megaplex.

This application allows you to see the current movie schedule and the movie that is currently playing. You can buy movie tickets that are showing directly in the application, you can also order food or drinks.

Download Here

3. Cinema 21

Now, apart from the TIX ID and CGV CINEMAS INDONESIA applications, you can now easily order or buy tickets online using the Cinema 21 application.

This application is an application from CinemaXXI. You can buy or get movie tickets to watch live at CinemaXXI with this application.

In this application, you can also order food, get various attractive promos, and much more, just like in the CGV application. Payment can be via top up using transfer.

Download Here

4. Cinepolis Indonesia

Cinepolis Indonesia is the third application application to get or buy cinema tickets online. You can also see the next show of the currently playing movie using this app.

Apart from that, you can also choose the seat you want when watching programs in the cinema. With this, you are free to choose a position where you can watch movies.

Without waiting, you can order or buy cinema tickets online using several payment options with this application.

Download Here

5. Go-Tix

In addition, we can also provide online taxis and motorcycle taxis. Go-Tix is another feature of the Gojek application. By using this application, you can order or buy cinema tickets for the nearest cinema online.

Well, of course with this Gojek application you can get many benefits. Gojek sends one of them a lot of interesting promotions.

Google Play and the Apple App Store both provide applications directly to the Gojek application. So, among the five programs, which one do you want to try using?

Download Here

How to Buy Cinema Tickets in the Application

Confused about how to buy or order cinema tickets online using the application we described above? The following is a complete guide to buying tickets at TIX ID:

  1. To get started, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the TIX ID application
  2. Then open the application, then log in or create a TIX ID account
  3. Next, select the location of the city where you live and want to watch it
  4. Determine the film you want to watch, don't forget to choose the time, date and location of the cinema
  5. Next, hit the Pay Now button. Then make a payment using FUNDS
  6. Enter your DANA number, make sure the balance matches the ticket price
  7. Click Pay after you enter your DANA PIN

So, how easy is it to buy or order cinema tickets online? The procedure above is the purchase process in the TIX application, although in other applications it is not much different.


In the article above, we have provided a list of applications that you can use to buy cinema tickets, namely TIX ID, CGV CINEMAS INDONESIA, Cinema 21, Cinepolis Indonesia, Go-Tix.

Thus the article about the Online Cinema Ticket Ordering Application, I hope it can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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