Link Twibbon BTS Photo Frame, Check Here – If you are a BTS fan, now there is a twibbon link for a BTS photo frame that you can make using just the link below.

Wearing a photo frame will help you feel confident in what you admire. ARMY will of course take that as a welcome gesture of solidarity. In Indonesia alone, the BTS fanbase has reached tens of thousands of individuals, and is the largest in the Asian region.

Not wanting to be outdone by other fandoms, you can declare your identity as an ARMY by using twibbon.

About Link Twibbon BTS Photo Frame?

Twibbon is a frame that is used to decorate a photo or image to make it interesting to look at. Twibbon can also be a means of promotion in the form of photos mixed with frames or frames.

The purpose of twibbon in general is as a campaign from an agency or activity that will or has been carried out. For example, sporting events or religious holidays such as Eid al-Adha.

Usually Twibbon provides an empty area in the middle of the design as a location for you to save the image. After that it was disseminated on various platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

About BTS and ARMY

Maybe some of you still don't know what ARMY is, just see if it is translated into English, especially Army. Do BTS supporters comply with South Korea's conscription program? Certainly not.

ARMY stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth. In hip-hop music, MC is a word used to refer to rappers. ARMY can be translated as “cute rappers for the younger generation” if done right.

The choice of the moniker “ARMY” for BTS fans is very fitting, because it is easier to pronounce and easier to remember. So why did you choose that name? And what does that have to do with BTS?

It's possible that the fandom name was inspired by BTS' official moniker. BTS is an acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which if broken down into two terms, namely "Bangtan" and "Sonyeondan".

The Korean word "Bangtan" comes from the Indonesian name or Bulletproof. The word ARMY which literally means soldier is no doubt quite appropriate to use, considering that bulletproof is one of the soldiers' clothes in the military. Not to mention the fact that the followers of this group are very committed to BTS events and have never wavered in their devotion to their beloved Boy Band.

Download Link Twibbon BTS Photo Frame

As mentioned above, we will offer you Twibbon Links BTS Photo Frames which you can link your pictures with.

There is little doubt that ARMY will download the file and spread the word about it through your social media accounts. Here is the download URL linked to

Twibbon by Mbak Fia Channel Twibbon Dino Purple BTS
Twibbon by Aziz Nice We Are ARMY, We Love K-POP
Twibbon by Manda Kim BTS “Butters”
Twibbon by Hhhssyyaa HYBE BTS ARMY, We Believe in Music
Twibbon by Intan Azzahra Permission to Dance
Twibbon by BTS & You Boy With Luv

How hard is it to download twibbon? Of course with this photo frame you can show it to your friends if you are an ARMY who always supports BTS. Now that you know how to submit pictures on, please read on for those of you who don't know how to do it.

How to Post Photos on Twibbonize

How to post photos on twibbonize to generate Twibbon is very simple. This is how it's done.

  1. Photo preparation for twibbon posts
  2. Open the Twibbon Link BTS Photo Frame which is already linked to
  3. Then, select Select Photo at the bottom of the twibbon design
  4. Select a previously generated photo
  5. You can use the Scroll wheel on your laptop or computer mouse to enlarge or reduce the size of the photo
  6. The photos will be merged into the frame after you click Next.
  7. Finally, click Download Photos
  8. Done


In the article above, we have provided brief information about BTS and ARMY, download the Twibbon BTS link, and how to post photos on Twibbonize.

Thus the article about the Twibbon Link BTS Photo Frame, Check Here. Hopefully the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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