Instagram Affected by Phishing, Here's How to Overcome It - Many netizens panic because Instagram got phishing, now you no longer need to worry, below we will provide ways to deal with what you need to do if your Instagram is phishing.

Right now, many people are terrified and confused because their Instagram accounts have suddenly been disabled even though they have done nothing wrong.

This is presumably because your IG account has been hacked or experienced what is known as Phishing. You probably won't even notice that you've been phished because the perpetrators do it so easily that it's impossible to detect.

What is Phishing

There are ways to prevent it from becoming phishing as well as recommendations that we will provide so you can avoid it quickly. Take a peek at the comments that follow for more information.

About Instagram

Instagram is a application social media that allows its users to share photos and videos publicly or privately.

Instagram users can upload photos or videos into their profiles and share them with their followers or with people they choose.

In addition, users can also view and like other people's posts, and leave comments under the posts.

Instagram also has a Stories feature that allows users to upload photos or videos that will disappear within 24 hours after upload.

Instagram was founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and has since become one of the most popular social media apps in the world.

What is Phishing

As a result, we must be vigilant as phishing attacks are increasingly targeting well-known accounts.

Phishing is a hacking activity by taking the victim's personal data and then using his account to spam continuously for his own interests.

When someone tries to gain access to your account, they will send you an email or text message, for example.

The letter usually consists of the URL where your data will be retrieved. If you do not check-in using the following link, your account will be permanently disabled, according to the warning.

This is what is used as a weapon to force us to do what they want. It is precisely our responsibility not to pay attention to their actions.

Also, the emails you receive may appear legitimate and well-designed, making it difficult to discern the intent of the sender.

Characteristics of an Instagram Account Affected by Phishing

Before knowing how to deal with an Instagram account being phished, you need to know in advance what are the characteristics of an Instagram that has been phished, as follows:

Characteristics of an Instagram Account Affected by Phishing

1. Instagram Suddenly Logs Out and Cannot Be Accessed

If your Instagram account has suddenly logged out or logged out on its own, you need to check it out. Because if your Instagram account is synced with your smartphone, you will never be able to log out on your own unless you delete the data and cache yourself in the application.

2. Status, Profile Photo, Bio and Link Changed

If you've tried logging in many times but still can't get into your account, one of the things you have to do is borrow your friend's Instagra account and look at the account. Instagram you.

If many of your Instagram profiles have changed, such as your profile photo, bio, and links, you can be sure that your Instagram has been hacked.

3. Someone Posted a New Story

You also need to check your photo albums on Instagram, if something is missing, or even added, such as photos, videos or even stories that you don't recognize, then you can be sure that your Instagram account has been hacked by irresponsible people.

Causes of Instagram Accounts Being Temporarily Locked Due to Phishing

What makes us vulnerable to being hacked is not that we get messages on e-mail account or incoming sms contacts, but because we use the link they provide and then fill in our personal information.

In most cases, the links lead to fake websites designed to trick us into entering our Instagram login credentials.

After that they will get the data and maybe they don't have to wait long for our IG to be penetrated by them.

Apart from going through this plan, it may also be because we carelessly enter our personal data anywhere. This is risky because we never know what our personal data will be used for.

If Instagram detects spam on your account, your account will be temporarily blocked until the hacker removes the spam.

Below we have summarized a list of causes that make your Instagram account phishing, as follows:

1. Too Many User Follows in a Day

Most Instagram users who want to quickly get lots of followers on Instagram by following lots of Instagram users like more than 500 to 1,000 people a day.

Causes of Instagram Accounts Being Temporarily Locked Due to Phishing

Even though this method can sometimes work, Instagram will most likely suspect you because the activity is classified as unnatural because you follow hundreds or even thousands of people a day.

2. Frequently like posts or ask for likes from other users

By using an Instagram account, you can take part in competitions or endorse products from all brands that ask to cooperate.

Sometimes if you want to increase likes on Instagram posts, you will ask for likes from many IG users in a day.

Apart from that, sometimes you will immediately like many posts to help users or friends who are participating in competitions or endorsements.

Of course, this will be considered spam by Instagram, causing several Instagram user accounts to be temporarily locked.

3. Frequently Login to Other Wares in a Short Time

If you are a reviewer or have multiple devices, which sometimes in a short time will switch accounts between cellphones, this is what makes Instagram suspicious because the account looks like it is being hacked by another party.

Especially if you immediately log in to an Instagram account on several cellphones at the same time, Instagram will temporarily lock the account.

4. Login Instagram with Third Parties

Sometimes Instagram users log in to third parties because they want to unfollow users they have followed.

Using a third-party application can shorten your time in updating an account because you can upload with several accounts simultaneously.

5. Hacked Account

When an account suddenly logs in from a device, country or region that is far away and not as usual, Instagram will detect that the account has the possibility that someone else has taken it or not.

Instagram also locks accounts as a form of prevention so that there are no more serious problems, that's why you should increase Instagram's security by using the Two-Authentication feature to require an authenticator code when logging in.

How to Overcome a Temporary Locked Instagram Account Due to Phishing

How to Overcome a Temporary Locked Instagram Account Due to Phishing

If you feel that your Instagram account has been phished, but you can still log into the account, you must quickly change your password and do security by logging out from an unknown device.

However, if you have been phished and cannot enter your Instagram account, you can use the methods we provide below:

  1. The first method you can use is to appeal that you are innocent, the first thing is to log into your Instagram
  2. A message will appear about your account being blocked
  3. Then click on the complete text in blue
  4. After that press contact us
  5. Then a question will appear from Instagram and answer according to the circumstances then click send
  6. After that check your email because Instagram has sent a message
  7. You will be asked to write the code on blank paper, then you are asked to take a photo with the paper containing the code that you have written and then sent
  8. Make sure the photo you send is clear, not blurry and most importantly the code you write is clear
  9. Next, you need to wait for verification from Instagram for 2 to 3 days regarding whether your account can be reactivated or not
  10. If the request can be activated, then you will receive a message that your account has been reactivated and you can access it
  11. You also need to make sure that the message sent is official or not
  12. After that, don't forget to activate two-step authentication so that your access is more secure

If you receive questionable emails, you can report them to [email protected]


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about Instagram, as follows:

1. How Long Is an Instagram Account Temporarily Locked?

Locked Instagram accounts are only valid for 3 days, while waiting for these 3, make sure you don't follow, like or spam comments to other Instagram users.

2. How to contact Instagram?

You can contact Instagram by clicking on your profile photo, tapping the top right then selecting settings, then pressing help and selecting report a problem, then following the instructions that have been given.


Instagram is a social media application that allows its users to share photos and videos publicly or privately.

Phishing is a hacking activity by taking the victim's personal data and then using his account to spam continuously for his own interests.

Thus the article about Instagram getting phishing, here's how to overcome it. Hopefully the above article can help you to restore your Instagram that was hit by phishing, hope it helps and good luck.

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