Can Shopee Coins be Forfeited? This is the explanation – If you are wondering why the shopee coins are decreasing, can the shopee coins be forfeited, and so on. We will discuss it in the article below.

Shopee is one of the most popular online shopping applications today. Regarding Shopee promotions, consumers can expect a lot from this marketplace application.

Shopee is famous for collaborating with various musicians to become the spokesperson for the company. Unmitigated, Cristiano Ronaldo, Black Pink to Tukul Arwana became well-known celebrities who appeared in Shopee advertisements.

In the Shopee application there are also various vouchers that you can spend. Vouchers are available for anything from free shipping to discounts to rebates.

It doesn't stop there, to meet the demands of transactions at Shopee there are also many features that can be considered quite complete. There are many possibilities for payment methods. Transfers, COD, and Shopee payments are just a few of the options available.

In addition, the Shopee app now offers credit using the Shopee pay later option. Also available are Shopee coins, which can be used for shopping and purchase discounts.

However, it seems that now the question many people are asking is whether Shopee coins can be scorched? Listen to the end.

What is Shopee Coin?

As mentioned before, the Shopee coins themselves are one of the most useful elements of the app.

You can use the Shopee Coins themselves as a source of payments or discounts. Shope coins are often used by app users to make purchases.

Shopee has been very successful at preventing its consumers from migrating to other platforms. It is proven that with the presence of this Shopee coin, many users end up sticking around, because they can enjoy lower prices when shopping.

There are various methods to earn yourself Shopee coins. An easy and convenient way to win daily prizes is with Lucky Prize Shopee. The Shopee Quiz is another option. The Shopee quiz schedule lets you know when these quizzes will be offered again, as this is a one-time event.

Shopping is the next method to earn Shopee coins. The more coins you buy, the more chances you have to get them. You can also earn Shopee coins by rating the items you buy on the website.

Shopee Coins are also generally included in Shoopee shake promos which always come with monthly promotions. In the same vein as the 11.11 advertising campaign. 12.12 1.1 2.2 and others.

One Shopee coin is now worth one Rupiah. So if you have 10,000 coins, then it represents Rp. 10,000, and so on. Even though it looks very cheap, remember that this Shopee coin is a free feature which is very important to receive discounts.

Can Shopee Coins be forfeited?

Many Shopee users want to know if they might lose their Shopee coins now that they know what those coins are for.

As previously mentioned, this Shopee coin is a feature that you can get for free. This Shopee currency does not require your balance to be reloaded.

Shopee Coins can be earned by a variety of methods, some of which have already been mentioned. Even so, Shopee coins can still be used to shop or get discounts.

Because this shopee coin is free, will it expire? Yep, this Shopee currency will expire if you don't use it within 3 months of getting the coin. This in itself has actually become a requirement from Shopee itself in managing the Shopee coin feature.

So for those of you who might have quite a lot of Shopee coins, you can immediately use them to shop even if only for discounts. Maybe you can also use it to buy daily needs such as credit, electricity tokens and others to take advantage of this shopee currency.


If you don't know it yet, you need to note this important info, that shopee coins have an expiration date, shopee coins can last for 3 months. As a result, if you don't use the coins that you have as quickly and as well as possible, the coins that you have will be forfeited.

Thus the article about Can Shopee Coins Scorch? This is the explanation, we hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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