How to Report Taxes Online Without the Hassle – As technology develops, many people do tax reporting online, here's how to report taxes online without the hassle that can save you time.

Taxpayers (WP) can fill out the Annual Income Tax Return 21 simply by using a mobile phone. Proof of withholding or proof of withholding tax from the employer (often provided by the company's HRD) must be prepared before the taxpayer can complete the SPT online.

List of Ways to Report Taxes Online

Here are several ways to report taxes online that you can do, namely as follows:

  1. Visit page
  2. Click login in the right corner (if you don't have an account, please register first)
  3. Fill in the NPWP and password
  4. Enter the security code, then click Login
  5. Enter the tax dashboard
  6. Click report
  7. Click the e-Filling icon
  8. Press the "Create SPT" button
  9. There will be several related questions, choose the appropriate answer
  10. In the last question, there is an option to fill out the 1770 S form, select the form "With Form Form"
  11. If the taxpayer wants to be guided, choose the answer "With a guide".
  12. Press SPT button 1770 S with form
  13. Fill in the data form, including the contents of the tax year, SPT status and correction (if there is an error in the previous Annual SPT)
  14. Click "Next Step"
  15. The system will automatically detect whether there is third party tax data (employment company)
  16. Click "Yes" if the data is correct
  17. If you want to use the proof of deductions received from the company to fill in Part A of the final income attachment, you can choose "No"
  18. If there is proof of deduction that has not been inputted, click "Add"
  19. Fill in the required data.
  20. Click next step
  21. Fill in the required data
  22. If SPT is nil, continue filling in "Continue F"
  23. If underpaid, then a follow-up question arises
  24. If you haven't paid yet, select Not yet, then you will be directed to e-billing
  25. Proceed to Statement, if the data you filled in is correct, please tick agree
  26. Finally, take the verification code sent via email
  27. Copy the code sent via email (open on another page)
  28. Click send SPT
  29. Done

Such is the online Pajar reporting mechanism that is opened every February by the DGT. Don't neglect your tax return!


In the article above, we have provided a quick way to report taxes online that can save you time to pay taxes.

Thus the article about How to Report Taxes Online Without the Hassle, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you.

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