Causes of HP Batteries Running Out Quickly, Here's How to Overcome It – Many smartphone users complain, what causes the cellphone battery to run out quickly? and how to deal with the battery so that it is more efficient?

Smartphones have now become a fundamental demand of contemporary civilization. However, one of the obstacles in using it is that the battery runs out quickly or is quite inefficient.

Phone battery drain or drain issues are actually quite diverse. Starting from the screen, running programs and others.

List of Causes for Quickly Running Out of HP Batteries

The following causes the smartphone battery to run out quickly and how to overcome it, namely:

1. Phone Screen

Smartphone screens consume a lot of battery power. Due to the increased size, brightness and color variation of modern mobile screens, they use more power.

Go to Settings > Battery, hit the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner, select Battery Usage, then click Show Full Device Usage to see how much battery life you have left.

If you look at how much battery life is used, you will see that the time spent in front of the screen dominates.

Smartphone battery life is becoming an increasingly pressing issue as display technology is evolving faster than battery technology.

The solution is to lower the screen brightness, take advantage of adaptive brightness, reduce the screen refresh rate, and reduce the screen auto-lock period.

2. Applications that Continue to Run in the Background

The fact that application certain things running in the background without you knowing it is another factor that causes the phone's battery to drain quickly.

Not all programs that you use and close will just stop. Some of them will continue to work in the background for certain purposes.

You can find out which apps are draining the most battery power by going to the battery settings (accessible on both Android and iOS).

There is included information showing which apps are running and the battery power being spent.

Unnecessary background programs can be turned off to save battery life. To get the most out of our mobile battery, we can use any built-in optimization tool.

3. Use of GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth

Phone battery draining fast may be caused by using GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. The frequency of use of these three antennas must be known by the user.

GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth can consume battery power, so please turn off these three services when not needed.


In the article above, we have provided what causes the HP battery to run out quickly and how to solve it.

Thus the article about the causes of the HP battery draining quickly, here's how to solve it. Hopefully the above article can be useful and help you all.

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