Download Yo Whatsapp Mod Apk Version 9.52 for Android – For those of you who want to use the mod version of the WhatsApp application, you can Download Yo WhatsApp version 9.52 which has an anti-banned feature so that your account is maintained even if you use a modified version.

Apart from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LINE and other social media sites, nowadays many people use Whatsapp as a messaging application.

As a communication support application, WhatsApp itself has been packed with various features to complement remote communication such as text messages, audio and video calls.

Other features include WhatsApp groups, file sharing, storytelling and many other things. It's no surprise that this feature-packed app will be loved so much.

What is Yo WhatsApp v9.52 APK

How to create a WhatsApp account may also be claimed to be quite easy. By using an active phone number, you can simultaneously register and use your WhatsApp name.

However, the most requested YoWhatsApp APK 2022 right now is the latest version. So, how can you get the latest YoWhatsApp APK 2022 update?

What is Yo WhatsApp v9.52 Mod APK

YoWhatsApp is a modded version of the popular WhatsApp application. It is made by a third-party developer and adds some additional features and improvements which are not available in the original WhatsApp application.

These features include appearance customization, privacy settings, bulk messaging features, and more.

For the record, modified applications such as YoWhatsApp are not official and are not supported by WhatsApp or Facebook. Because of this, there are some security and privacy risks associated with using this app.

If you decide to use YoWhatsApp, it is advised to be careful and make sure to keep your information safe.

YoWhatsApp comes with features that are more interesting and superior than the official WhatsApp application.

YoWhatsApp allows you to use premium features and services for free to help your activities in sharing messages and files.

You can customize YoWhatsApp according to your preferences by personalizing the appearance of the application.

The YoWhatsApp application is similar to the official version of WhatsApp, except that there are additional features for personalization and aesthetics.

Mod apps like YoWhatsApp also allow you to make calls, send text messages, voice messages, pictures, videos, and many other files.

Apart from that, you can customize your chats by personalizing the chat background for each contact, changing the font type, adding emoticons, sending large or multiple photos and videos at once, and many other interesting features.

Features in YO Whatsapp V9.52

Below are the complete features offered by Yo WhatsApp mod apk, among others namely:

Features in YO Whatsapp V9.52

1 . Activate DND Mode

DND mode is one of the features that you can use on YoWhatsApp. DND mode refers to “Do not disturb” or “Airplane mode” mode.

What you can do is to disable the web for WhatsApp only, so other users won't interfere with your activities at that time.

This feature is also included in the default security feature owned by YoWhatsApp

2. Schedule Messages

YoWhatsApp offers a message scheduling feature, allowing you to send messages automatically at the time and date you specify.

The method is quite easy, you only need to write the message you want to send, select the destination contact, specify the time and date, then confirm to schedule the message.

This feature makes it easy for you to reply to messages automatically and delete multiple messages at once even when you're traveling or busy.

3. Send Large Messages

Sending pictures or videos via messages is common for WhatsApp users. This feature makes it easier for you to send large, high-quality media messages. It allows you to send multiple large files according to your needs.

4. Personalize the Theme According to Your Will

This feature is one of the most well-known features, the YoWhatsApp application can customize chat themes, starting from the screen display, homepage, chat to personalization adjustments.

YoWhatsApp also offers a lot of interesting theme features and Emoji features to apply according to the mode you want.

Using this feature will also make your chat experience more fun and interesting, you know.

5. Unrestricted Broadcast Messages

The newest feature provided is that you can send broadcast or broadcast messages without any restrictions.

Unrestricted Broadcast Messages

Now you can send broadcast messages to more than 500 WhatsApp users. Different from Original WhatsApp which only supports broadcasting up to 156 users.

6. More Varied Fonts

For those of you who like interesting fonts, or if you feel bored with the same WhatsApp font, you can use YoWhatsapp.

This application allows you to use more fonts to send messages to your contacts, besides that you can also choose the type of font that you like.

7. Uncompressed Messages

Unlike the original WhatsApp, when you send photos or videos directly, the file quality will turn out to be low. It must be annoying to have to resend files by sending documents.

Unlike YoWhatsApp, which ensures the quality of the original file sent by uncompressing the message. So that people who receive the media you send will be satisfied with the maximum file quality.

8. Anti Banned

YoWhatsApp is recognized as a safe application and free from bans. Many users rely on this app to keep their conversations private from other parties.

In addition, there are many interesting features that make users more comfortable using it. Even though it is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application, YoWhatsApp emphasizes its anti-banned feature to provide users with a sense of security and comfort at all times.

9. Maintained Chat Security

It is important for most WhatsApp users to have security features on their chats. YoWhatsApp makes chat security a priority and provides many options that can be customized according to your needs.

This feature allows you to hide or block certain messages in chats, either individually or all of them, as well as protect chats with a password and ensure the privacy of your messages is maintained.

Maintained Chat Security

Download the Latest Yo WhatsApp V9.52

Application NameYoWhatsApp (YOWA)
Need Android version5.1 or higher
Root accessNot required
Download links

How to Install Yo Whatsapp V9.52

After we know what the YoWA application looks like. Now how to install it so you can use the application?

The Yo WhatsApp v9 52 APK program itself is now very easy to install. Installing apk files is no different than doing it with any other type of file. Confused yet?

It is true that you have to uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp first before installing the new one. For additional information, you can follow the application installation tutorial below.

  1. Uninstall the WhatsApp application installed on the phone.
  2. Don't forget to backup first.
  3. Download the latest Yo WhatsApp v9 52 APK file using the link mentioned above.
  4. After that, open the file manager and browse to the Downloads folder.
  5. You have to first click on and then install Yo WhatsApp APK download.
  6. If a warning appears just switch to Phone Install Mode from Unknown Source.
  7. After that, you can click Install one more time and wait for the installation to complete.

The difference between Yo WhatsApp and Original WhatsApp

The difference between Yo WhatsApp and Original WhatsApp

Below are some differences from Yo WhatsApp to WhatsApp Original:

Feature DescriptionYo WhatsAppOriginal WhatsApp
Sharing media files10030
Video sharing700MB16MB
Message forward limit250 times5 times
Schedule messagesCanCan't
Hide last seen or last seenCanCan
Hide online statusCanCan
Copy statesCanCan't
Status cannot be deletedCanCan't
Various emojisCanCan
Customize the themeCanCan
Download statusesCanCan't
Special privacyCanCan't
Use multiple accountsCanCan't
Customize text fontsCanCan't
airplane modeCanCan't


YoWhatsApp is a modded version of the popular WhatsApp application. It is made by a third-party developer and adds some additional features and improvements which are not available in the original WhatsApp application.

Thus the information about downloading Yo WhatsApp version 9.52 for Android, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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