How to Track Hidden Surveillance Cameras – Many people abuse CCTV for bad purposes, such as peeking at someone. There is a way to track hidden surveillance cameras that can save yourself.

In certain public places, such as public restrooms or fitting rooms in shopping malls or clothing stores, hidden surveillance cameras have been found.

To increase your awareness, you can use Android and iOS devices to monitor hidden surveillance cameras in the following three ways:

1. Make a cell phone call

Making a cell phone call is the fastest and simplest technique to find hidden surveillance cameras.

Usually, hidden surveillance cameras transmit a unique radio frequency. When there is a cellular call, the frequency will interfere with the cellular call signal.

If you find an unreliable or intermittent signal somewhere, you might start to believe that there might be a hidden surveillance camera around you.

It should be remembered that this procedure requires caution and is imprecise. Cell signal can be hard to come by in certain places which is why this is necessary.

2. Scan for Wi-Fi

There is application a Wi-Fi scanner that can find hidden surveillance cameras. One of them is Fing which can be accessed on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Fing will scan all devices using Wi-Fi networks. This is because surveillance cameras often connect to Wi-Fi networks to display photos in real time.

When using this application, we recommend that you turn off the Wi-Fi connection on other devices that are not used so that surveillance cameras can be more easily recognized.

After scanning the area, the Fing app will display several devices currently connected to WiFi. Usually, a camera type device will display “IP Camera…” and display the manufacturer's name, such as Nest, Arlo, or Wyze.

3. Use a detection app

The final step is to use a hidden camera detection app to find hidden cameras. There are various applications that are compatible with iOS and Android, which can be downloaded simply on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Take, for example, the Hidden Camera Detector app, which will signal and sound an alert if it detects infrared from a surveillance camera. Then there is the Glint Finder application. This app uses the phone's camera light to identify shiny things like camera lenses.

So, users will be hidden if they are being watched by a secret camera. Hidden Device Detector Detector and Wireless Camera Detector are two additional related programs.


In the article above, we have provided the ways you need to do to track hidden surveillance cameras that can harm you.

Thus the article about How to Track Hidden Surveillance Cameras, I hope the above article can be useful and help all of you.

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