Effective Ways to Overcome Hot Fast Cellphones

Rancakmedia.com – Before knowing how to effectively deal with a cellphone that heats up quickly, you need to know first why the cellphone you are using heats up quickly.

The reason you need to know why the cellphone heats up quickly is, First, the SoC or processor used. Most high-end, high-performance processors will run hotter than mid-end, more power-efficient processors.

Second, application running in the background (background). The more applications that run in the background, the smartphone will always be in 'working' condition even though it is in standby mode.

Unless the operating system is strictly regulated, this situation will automatically stop many applications in the background.

Third, signal operators or smartphones. The further the BTS is reached, the hotter your phone will be. The reason behind this is that cell phones use more energy, but the temperature of the air around them is often neglected.

Fourth, the charger and data cable also have an effect. Users are usually hesitant to get original data cables or chargers as they are often more expensive than those available in accessory stores.

List of Effective Ways to Overcome Hot Fast Cellphones

Below we will provide an effective way to deal with a cellphone that heats up quickly, which is as follows:

1. Install Applications As Needed

Use of some of these apps can quickly heat up the phone. Even though many smartphones now have hardware components that facilitate multitasking, such as large RAM, it takes its toll on the handset.

Eventually the phone will overheat if this pattern continues. Using too many applications causes the cellphone to hang frequently and heat up quickly.

2. Use Original Batteries

Currently, the use of built-in batteries has become a trend in mobile phone manufacturing. However, if the battery life starts to decrease, a new one can be installed.

When the cellphone battery is damaged, it is better to replace the original battery with superior quality and guaranteed durability, even though the price is quite expensive.

Usually cheap, low-quality batteries don't last long, causing the phone to overheat quickly and quickly destroy it.

3. Charge the Phone Sufficiently

If the cellphone battery is fully charged, you must immediately stop the charging process. The practice of constantly connecting the battery to a charger is unsafe. This can also cause the phone battery to heat up quickly.

While certain chargers may turn off the power when they are 100 percent charged, it is not a good idea to continue charging the battery when it is 100 percent charged.

It is best to keep charging the battery frequently until it is fully charged rather than leaving it on the 0% and then charging it.

Also, while your phone is charging, try not to overuse it. Faster overheating is possible due to improved hardware applications and processing, along with the higher temperatures created when recharging the battery.

4. Turn off the Cellphone

In the fight against overheating of the phone, this is the ultimate weapon. Turning off the cellphone will certainly stop all procedures that occur when the cellphone is turned on.

The temperature of the phone will drop rapidly as a result. Another way to "restore" faster app launches is to turn off your phone.


In the article above, we have provided several ways that can make your cellphone not heat up quickly that you can try.

This is an article about Effective Ways to Overcome Hot Fast Mobile Phones, I hope the above article can be useful and help all of you.

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