How to Save Data on Zoom and Google Meet - During a pandemic, these two applications were very popular for online activities, here's how to save data on the Zoom application and the Google Meet application that you can try to save your quota.

Activity limitations due to the outbreak still occur in various countries, including Indonesia. School and work can be done online these days.

Since last year, many online meeting platforms have been used to stay active during the epidemic. Zoom and Google Meet are two examples.

To perform this activity, you need a reliable internet connection. In addition, the increasing number of events or extended meetings makes data usage inefficient.

List of Ways to Save Data on Zoom and Meet

Here are some suggestions for reducing internet data usage when participating in online meetings:

How to Save Data on Zoom

  1. First, turn off the HD video quality by selecting the “Settings” or “Settings” option. Select “Video” from the “Settings” menu on the left. In the “Our videos” area, uncheck the column for the “Enable HD” option.
  2. Use the Share Screen feature sparingly.
  3. When zooming in, don't use other data. We also don't need to run additional applications such as video streaming, audio streaming, online games or uploading and downloading large files during online conferences.
  4. Turn off the microphone from your device. Users don't talk non-stop during meetings. So, when you're not chatting, you can turn off the microphone to save the internet quota you consume. As with videos, the microphone can be muted according to the scenario.
  5. Close the video. Zoom users can mute video during a meeting if lowering the resolution doesn't make a significant difference. Video consumption is indeed one of the things that consumes a lot of internet quota. Well, if it is turned off, the user can still communicate by voice using the microphone (if it is enabled) (if it is enabled).

How to Save Data on Google Meet

With the latest edition of Google Meet, users can now use quota saving options. The steps are as follows:

  1. First, open the updated Google Meet application and enter the “Settings” or “Settings” menu
  2. After that, you need to activate the Data Usage Limitation option by swiping to the right
  3. The Limit Data Usage function can also be used to save battery life, CPU resources and device memory. This function may be turned off to improve video quality


In the article above, we have provided information on how to save data on Zoom and how to save data on Google Meet that you can try.

Thus the article on how to save data on Zoom and Google Meet, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you.

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