What is WifiNanScan Application, which is in Google Release

Rancakmedia.com – Many do not recognize the application released by Google, namely the WifiNanScan application. Do you already know what the WifiNanScan application is? Find out in the article below.

According to reports, Google has created a new app for Android devices that allows phones to connect to each other across distances higher than the Bluetooth range.

It is possible to transfer large amounts of data and exchange messages among Android users even if you don't have an internet connection thanks to Android phone users.

What is WifiNanScan App

The new app is called WifiNanScan. The program relies on Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) technology to calculate exactly how far one device is from another.

This application also allows the phone to be a receiver or sender. This simple application allows users to choose the role they want to play, and allows them to exchange messages and feel their closeness to one another.

The new WifiNanScan app is available for developers to explore with Wi-Fi Aware. Without requiring an active Internet connection, Wi-Fi Aware, also known as NAN, on Android 8.0+ devices allows them to quickly find and connect to one another.

Using the API, you can identify nearby devices and create network connections that allow you to exchange large amounts of data or send short messages back and forth.

According to Google, "this technology provides better transfer speeds over longer distances than a Bluetooth connection."

Some of the things you can do with WifiNanScan include sharing documents securely without connecting to a network first to read restaurant menus and make orders on the go without an internet connection, even when the restaurant is closed.


In the article above we have explained what the WifiNanScan application is, this WifiNanScan application is an application to calculate exactly how far one device is from another device.

Thus the article about What is the WifiNanScan Application, which was released by Google, I hope the article above can help all of you, and is useful for all of you.

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