Tri Card Registration Method for New and Old Users – For you Tri users who haven't registered for new or old users, you can use the tri card registration method for new and old users in this article.

The use of digital media (such as cellphone numbers) to commit crimes is commonplace. This means that everyone (even Tri users) has to register for a cell phone card. How to register for a Tri card is quite easy, the basic criteria are the National Identity Number (NIK) and KK number.

You can find the simplest and most comprehensive approach to registering a Tri card through the description below, for both new and old users. Listen carefully!

Tri Card Registration Method for New Users

For new Tri card users, registration can be done via SMS. This strategy is especially useful for individuals who do not have internet restrictions. Here are the steps to take.

  1. First, insert the Tri card to be registered to the mobile phone.
  2. Once you have done that, you can start using your phone again.
  3. Open application message or SMS immediately if it is activated and the Tri SIM card is identified.
  4. Write a message in NIK#NoKK format on the message compose page. Check your work for errors.
  5. Then send a message to 4444.
  6. Finally, be patient and wait for a response from Tri regarding your card registration.
  7. Please note that registration via SMS is free. The procedure described above can be used a second time if you have been waiting for a Tri for a long time and have received no response.

Tri Card Registration Method for Old Users

Not only new users, current Tri card users also need to re-register by submitting their National Identity Number (NIK) and Family Card Number (KK). For old users, these are the steps you need to do.

  1. The first step is to input the Tri SIM that will be re-registered.
  2. After that, turn on the phone and open the SMS application.
  3. You should then use the REPEAT# NIK#KK# format to enter your message.
  4. The format of the message must be written correctly.
  5. Send a message to 4444.
  6. Finally, wait for the Tri operator to react to your re-registration.

How to register the old Tri card via SMS is also free. If it fails or Tri doesn't respond, you can repeat the steps above one more time.


In this article we have explained Tri card registration for new users and tri card registration for old users.

Thus the article on How to Register a Tri Card for New and Old Users, I hope the above article can be useful and help all of you.

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