This is how to transfer Indosat credit, XL and Telkomsel – In this article, we will provide information about how to transfer Indosat, XL and Telkomsel pulses that you can do easily and quickly.

In the past, you had to go to the nearest counter to top up your cellular card. As operator services develop, we can now top up our credit without going to the counter, namely through credit transfers provided by each operator.

Customers who run out of credit but don't have time to top up will greatly benefit from our credit transfer service.

List of Credit Transfer Methods

In the following, we will provide a way to transfer Indosat, XL and Telkomsel pulses, including:


How to transfer Indosat pulses can be done through the call menu.

1. How to transfer Indosat credit via SMS

  1. Activate application SMS on your smartphone.
  2. Type SMS in TP format (space) nominal number (space).
  3. After that, send a message to 151.
  4. Send the word 'OK' via SMS when you get the confirmation code.

2. Second Indosat Credit Transfer Method

  1. Open the call menu
  2. For IM3 Ooredoo and Mentari Ooredoo users, dial *123*7*2*3*1#. As for Postpaid Indosat users (Matrix Ooredoo Auto), please dial *123*7*1*6*1#
  3. Call or press the call button.
  4. Then, just follow the instructions given by the cellphone screen.


XL credits can be transferred in one of two ways. Here we explain in more detail.

1. How to transfer XL credit via SMS

  1. Enter BAGI into the type bar (space) Target number (space) for the nominal pulse to be transmitted
  2. Send to number 168
  3. Then the customer will get a notification SMS, type "Y" and send it to 168
  4. Then enter the nominal pulse multiple of 1,000 rupiah up to 200,000 rupiah.
  5. Send message to: 1 (destination number)
  6. Accept the confirmation notification and type “Y”.

2. How to transfer XL pulses via *123#

  1. Enter *123*168#, select "Destination Number", enter the amount of credit you want to transfer
  2. Or, you can type *123*8461# on your mobile keyboard.
  3. Then select "Share Credit"
  4. The system will direct you to the next step.


1. How to Transfer Telkomsel Credit Via USSD *858*

  1. Open the call menu and enter *858*the destination number to be sent*the credit amount to be sent is #
  2. Press Call, the next step is to confirm according to what you entered and display it on the phone screen.

2. How to transfer Telkomsel credit via SMS

  1. Send a message with the number of credit transfers in TPULSA format (space) using the SMS application.
  2. Send this SMS to the recipient's phone


In the article above, we have mentioned how to transfer credit to Indosat, XL and Telkomsel cards.

Thus the article about Here's How to Transfer Indosat Credit, XL and Telkomsel. Hopefully the above article can be useful and help all of you in transferring Indosat, XL and Telkomsel pulses.

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