Activating VPN on iPhone, Very Practical Without Applications – If you don't know how to activate VPN on iPhone, you don't need to be confused because this article will help you. As technology develops, many people activate VPNs for various purposes and interests.

It is possible to connect to the VPN service from various platforms, including desktop computers, tablet computers or smartphones.

iPhone or iPad users can use popular apps like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, and Hotspot Shield to enable VPN. Without using third party apps it's as easy as installing them and then clicking on them.

Next, the user can launch the program and select the appropriate area. The user will then be prompted to create a VPN profile through the program.

Pressing the “Allow” button will allow the VPN profile to be installed automatically. Then, enter the iPhone PIN code.

After some time, we were able to directly connect to the VPN network in our chosen country/region by clicking the “Connect” button.

If the VPN service is properly connected, a “VPN” icon will be displayed on the status bar of our iPhone screen.

How to Activate Vpn on Iphone Without Using Other Applications

This method may be done easily without the need for additional applications. For additional information, please see the instructions below.

  1. First please open the iPhone Settings menu
  2. Then navigate to the General menu
  3. Scroll down and we will find the VPN option, then click on it.
  4. Click the Add VPN Configuration button after that.
  5. Select L2TP as the protocol type.
  6. Then navigate to the page
  7. On that screen, please check server/IP, Account, Username and Password
  8. If so, put it in the column given on the "Add Configuration" menu and click "Save"
  9. Scroll to On. mode in the Status menu.
  10. The VPN will appear as Connected or Connected Successfully after a few seconds (connected)
  11. Done

Using this method, you can enable VPN on your iPhone, both with and without third-party apps. We hope this is useful for everyone.


Thus the article about Activating VPN on iPhone, Very Practical Without Applications. We hope this article was useful and helped you all in activating VPN on your iPhone. Good luck and good luck.

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