How to Empty Google Drive on Computers and Laptops – Many have switched from Google Drive to cloud storage, users need to know how to empty Google Drive so that the cloud storage service is not fully loaded.

Google gives us 15GB of free Google Drive space. While it may seem like a lot, 15GB is used not only for the files we upload on Google Drive, but also for Gmail and Google Photos.

Messages and attachments sent or received through a Gmail account, and every photo we upload to Google Photos in their original quality has the same storage space. If we continue to use 15GB of space at our current rates, we will not be able to receive email.

If you need more Google Drive storage than the 15GB free quota, you can upgrade to a premium Google account or free up some space on your computer.

Option one is definitely more expensive, while option two is completely free and only takes a few minutes of your time.

How to Empty Google Drive

Below are ways you can empty Google Drive on computers and laptops, including:

  1. Sign in to Google Drive
  2. Select the files or folders we want to delete on the Google Drive homepage. Then select "Delete" from the list of available options
  3. It will be deleted from your computer
  4. Empty Google Drive on HP Computer
  5. Install Google Drive if you haven't already
  6. Open the program and select the files to delete
  7. To delete it, click the "Delete" button in the shape of a trash can
  8. Click the menu button in the top left corner, then select Bin
  9. Click the permanently delete symbol to permanently delete the file


In the article above, we have discussed emptying Google Drive so that the cloud storage is not completely filled, above there are several steps you need to take to empty Google Drive.

Thus the article on How to Empty Google Drive on Computers and Laptops, we hope you can easily follow the steps we provide above. Hopefully the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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