How to Create a PayPal Account Easily and Practically – Do you know the PayPal application? One of the most common digital payment applications in the world. Here's how to easily and practically create a PayPal account that you can try.

The benefit of PayPal is that transactions can be used between countries. For individuals who regularly buy and sell goods from abroad, of course this will make their business easier.

PayPal is an online payment and transfer service. PayPal was used widely to transfer money between countries before major e-commerce launched, competing with postal money orders.

With PayPal, you can make payments and send money with confidence and quickly. The confidentiality of the account owner's information is also strictly maintained.

For example, when we see and like something offered in e-commerce but it turns out that the vendor is overseas, PayPal is the best payment method.

Apart from transferring money and paying for goods, we can also accept money transfers using our PayPal account.

A PayPal account is an online account that acts as a sender and receiver account, just like a bank account.

It is known, the number of active PayPal users is 325 million accounts, and the scope of transactions can be considered global. PayPal can accept accounts in 56 different currencies and maintain account balances in 25 different currencies.

The verification procedure for registering a Paypal account still requires the use of a credit card, although PayPal has many advantages in Indonesia.

However, a credit card is no longer required for PayPal verification of existing Indonesian users. This is because various savings accounts and debit cards in this country may already be connected to PayPal.

How to Create a PayPal Account

Below are several ways you need to do to create a paypal account, including:

1. Go to Official Site

The first thing we need to do is access the official Paypal website using a web browser ( or the Paypal application on Android or iOS. Then, in the upper right corner, click on the “register” button.

2. Select PayPal Account Usage

Here, we'll look at two options, either buying or getting paid. So, adjust the use of the account with our demands now and in the future.

3. Fill in Personal Information

Then the Paypal registration form will appear which we must fill. Start with personal data such as location, first and last name, email address, and so on.

4. Connect to PayPal Account

The most critical step in leveraging a Paypal account is linking your Paypal account with your local bank account or debit card.

5. Add PayPal balance

You can quickly add funds to your wallet by selecting the “wallet” option, which is reserved for accounts that send money.

You can use our bank Credit Card or Debit Card service to facilitate this transaction for payments that don't know how to create a Paypal account.

6. Paypal Account Ready to Use

Furthermore, you can enjoy a Paypal account according to the online transaction needs that you need.


Those are some of the ways you need to do to create a PayPal account, very easy right? We hope this article on How to Create a PayPal Account Easily and Practically can help and make it easier for all of you to create a PayPal account.

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