Here's How to Block SMS Spam and Fraud – For those of you Android and iOS users, you will often get spam or fraud SMS messages, here's how to block Spam SMS and Fraud that you can do yourself.

This not only fills up the capacity of our phones, but also poses a security risk to the sensitive information we store on them.

Indeed, there are many individuals around us who do business using shortcuts. Usually they will send spam that will disturb other people's comfort.

They will also try to trick us by pretending to be lottery winners and sending SMS with our phone number as the recipient.

List of Ways to Block SMS Spam and Fraud

There are several ways to block SMS spam in the form of loans or fraud, including the following:

1. Do not respond

we are all used to urging those who spam our phones to stop it when we reply via SMS.

We recommend avoiding using this method as many SMS senders will show that our number is still active.

Thus, spammers will send more fake SMS or loan offers.

2. Message Filters

In addition, spam SMS messages sent by online lenders can be filtered automatically. Unknown senders will be prevented from sending you messages using this feature.

For iPhone users, they can visit Settings and select the Messages option. Enable “Unknown Senders Filter” by swiping right.

For Android users, the three dot symbol is located in the upper right area application Message. Enable Spam Protection by going to Settings > Security > Spam Protection.

3. Block the sender's number

We can block a number from sending us SMS messages if we see it frequently. This method is comparable to filtering messages from unknown contacts.

For iPhone users, you can go directly to Contacts and click info>info>Block this caller. For Android users, this method depends on the device being used. The three dot option at the top allows us to choose “Block number”.

4. Report it to the authorities

Reporting spam and fraud SMS to the authorities is an additional option to solve the problem.

We may report to the services of the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Body (BRTI) which is affiliated with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics. Simply provide a snapshot to the Twitter handle @dukBRTI as confirmation of receipt.


Thus the article about Here's How to Block SMS Spam and Fraud, sometimes spam SMS, whether it's loans or fraud, is very annoying for us Android and iOS users, and many people are even annoyed because of spam SMS.

But now you don't need to worry because the above article can help you block SMS spam and also fraud.

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